You Should be eating Pizza….

23rd October 2018by admin0

ALL diets are the same,

Every diet that you have tried that has left you losing weight has done the same job as all the others,

Slimming world,

Weight watchers,


Skinny coffee,

Juice plus,


Carb Free,


If they have ‘worked’ for you then they have done one important job,

Left you in a calorie deficit,

That’s it,

But my favourite one from the list is carb free,

We have all tried it,

I know I have,

Well I say tried, I don’t know if you would call half a day a valiant effort,

That was all I could stick to it for, just a few measly hours,

If anything it left me more pissed off with myself and you know what I did ? ate an entire dominoes pizza and family size bag of revels,

Carb fucking heaven,

After polishing it off with no issue I then spent the evening scrolling through the next diet I could start tomorrow,

It became a vicious circle,

Try diet – fail diet – be upset and binge…..rinse and repeat

For literally years,

See, we will always look at carbs as the culprit,

It’s the one thing that is stopping us losing the muffin top and feeling fire in our bikini,

I get it,

Carbs are the bread, pasta and pizza or the world,

In other words the thing we consume the most of – sometimes without even realising it…..

Crisps, Sweets, biscuits, chips, potatoes and everything else,

Have a think…..

How much of that do you eat on a regular basis?

How much carbs do you consume day to day?

We have all heard the wanky term ‘no carbs before marbs’


but granted if you were to cut out carbs then you would see results IF you were in a calorie deficit,

But why would we cut out the one thing we eat a lot of during our day ?

That would mean we would be eating completely differently ?

Trying to make new habits with new foods over night ?

Attempting to cut out 90% of your current diet at the click of your fingers ?

Come on now ladies, you don’t need me to tell you that is pretty moronic,

But that doesn’t mean i don’t understand where you are coming from,

You want results yesterday so you will cut out the one thing that you think the problem is,

I’ll give you a clue – carbs aren’t your problem,

If you are over weight it’s not because you eat croissants for breakfast – it’s because you had 3 which came to 600 calories which meant you were in a surplus for the day.

It’s not because you had chips last night – it’s because you had 3 servings coming in at 800 calories which meant you were in a surplus for the day,

It’s not because you ate that entire dominoes pizza to yourself – it’s because you ate the whole thing coming in at 1600 calories which meant you were in a surplus for the day,

And you know what else ?

If you did any of those things once of twice you wouldn’t get fat,

It’s because you do it every fucking weekend when you are hungover,

Now, I am in know way a boring dickhead coach who says broccoli and fucking kale are the only ways to lose fat,

But sometimes we gotta look at ourselves and how much we are eating,

Not blame it on the stuff that tastes good,

Pizza tastes fucking immense so I must cut it for fat loss,

Chips are the one so I must cut them out for fat loss,

My favourite chippy tea tastes next level which means I need to cut it out for fat loss,

We assume that on a diet we have to be miserable,

We have to be boring and eat tasteless shit,

Everything must be green and absolutely not deep fried,

This could not be further from the truth,

and this is why carbs HAVE to be part of your fat loss plan,

They aren’t the problem to your lack of results plus you fucking love them – absolute winner right ?

So why would we cut them out…?

We are gonna keep them part of our daily food – that way we haven’t deprived ourselves which will ultimately leave us to binge later down the line,

Here’s what you are gonna do,

Track what you had yesterday,

Don’t cheat,

Now I’m gonna guess a lot of it was made up of carbs…..

You can find this out in the ‘macro’ section of your food tracker but ultimately that doesn’t matter,

What matters is how many calories it came to ?

Lets say your maintenance calories are 1800 (this is the amount of calories roughly you would eat per day to stay the same weight)

and let’s say you ate 2100 calories and it was all made up of carbs,

The fact that you have eaten 300 OVER your maintenance is the issue you are putting on weight not the fact that it was 100% of your food was beige goodness,

You get me ?

If you had eaten 2100 calories of kale, spinach and fucking celery you still would have put on weight because it is over your maintenance,

So remember you can enjoy being on a diet,

You can enjoy being on a plan that helps you see results,

You just don’t believe that at the moment because all the plans you have tried have been wank….

For want of a better word,

Dieting can be super hard for females,

Males as well, but let’s stay on point,

I used to work in a restaurant and nearly every table I went to – at some point over the night they would be talking about what diet they are on or how they have to lose weight,

I even had one lady order just a chicken breast and broccoli when the rest of the table had pizza,

(I did warn her against it because not only was she getting robbed price wise but the chicken was dry as fuck without a cheese sauce on it!)

But she went with it and looked miserable as sin, especially as she only had a tap water to wash it down with,

But again, we are on a diet that we think we can’t have pizza or any of the other joys of an Italian restaurant,

I mean fair play to her, going into any restaurant and not ordering any sort of bread deserves a virtual high five,

anyhow, straying away from the point,

She did it because she wanted results NOW, so cut out everything ‘nice’ to try and get there as quick as possible,

And the worst thing is, I can bet you a tenner she fell off the wagon pretty soon after she paid nearly £18 for dry chicken and broccoli,

I don’t want you to be like her,

I want you to still be making smart choices and still dropping fat weeks down the line , not letting it be a few hours flash in the pan,

So track the shit out of your food,

If you are in your deficit CONSISTENTLY you will see fat loss results,

Wether you’re eating kale, spinach, pizza or fucking Haribo,


As a little bit of extra help here is our top 5 recipes of carb fuelled dinners that are decent on the calories and let’s you have all the things you didn’t think were ‘allowed’ when it comes to dieting.

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