Why can’t I stick to any diets….?

19th January 2019by admin0

When starting on a plan we all want to see a result immediately, why wouldn’t we ?

We have spent years yo yo ing and playing around with diets thinking that that counts as ‘trying’ (giving it 24 hours isn’t trying by the way)

So it feels like you have been on a diet for ages when really you have been playing around and been fucking miserable in the process,

Like your other half or work colleagues know that you are on a diet because you are proper hangry, you see the whispers round the office “Don’t speak to Kirsty she’s in a foul mood – it must be the new diet”

When I speak with ladies it almost turns into a running joke – I will ask what diets that have tried before and it always starts with a humorous “What haven’t I tried….”

That right there is the problem,

You have tried what feels like everything and it has got to the point where you are desperate but that’s where the dieting cycle gets worse,

Because you fall for the – 

“Get results like this in just 7 days”

“All you need to do is take this drink – I can’t believe it works”

“Look at me here (leggings rolled down) I can’t believe how fat I got and then when *insert shitty fad diet came into my life look at the difference (leggings pulled up), I feel so much better”

And there is a reason why the ladies promoting these products happen to have thousands of IG followers,

Followers that trust them, look up to them, and believe what they say is true – perfect recipe for sales,

Overweight, desperate 20 something who has tried everything + Geordie shore IG famous, owns a pair of leggings has thousands of followers who trust her + Shit weight loss detox bullshit = a fuck ton of sales.

So naturally when you have fallen for this every time you are skeptical of starting again, trying something that might actually work,

You scroll through FB and see old school friends looking fit in their lycra and wonder why you can’t do it,

Truth is all of the above is STOPPING you getting the result you deserve,



1. Being gullible to the latest diets.

You have been in this position so many times, It’s a normal Monday thing now right …?

Monday morning you start a diet, no matter what it is but you go into Monday full of excitement like a Slimming world attendee who has been told they have 8 syns for the day instead of 6,

You skip into the office, pull out said shake, juice, smoothie, pill and wait for people to ask what it is you are trying…

Naturally the questions come and you tell them which reality celeb was promoting it so it must work because why would they lie right 😉

You stick to it Monday – holy shit this diet is a breeze – you even start looking online for the new bikini you will wear in summer when you have lost the weight,

Tuesday rolled on but we are struggling, morning was fine, but at lunch your work ladies are going to the tapas down the road, but that isn’t included in “just drink this juice and nothing else” so you decline,

Sat at your desk you can hear your stomach growling through the sound of everyone else tapping and talking away,

The diet quickly goes from ‘this is the best’ to ‘this is fucking dog shit’

On the way home you stop off at the shop, grab garlic bread, lasagne, a bottle of wine and a massive bar of galaxy,

you can’t wait to tuck in but as soon as you have finished you feel guilty, upset, angry at yourself because yet again you have failed at a diet,

You spend the rest of the week eating whatever you want, Friday and Saturday are the usual piss ups, Sunday = all the beige food before googling another diet to get cracking with on Monday,

This is the cycle a lot of ladies have EVERY, SINGLE. WEEK.

There has to get to a point where we stop falling for this shit,

All the promises and these products don’t deliver but truth is they never will, no matter how much you wanna believe them.



2.Fear of Failure 

You have been on so many shit diets before and you have got to the point where you literally feel like nothing can work,

Every diet you start and fail and you just can’t seem to stick at it,

You blame it on yourself,

Why does it work for all those other ladies but not me,

It not just harms you physically and by harm we mean putting on weight week after week, month after month,

but psychologically, low on confidence, low on self esteem, low on motivation and feeling low in yourself,

Part of it is anger at yourself because you fell for the bullshit dieting fadness again,

and partly because you blame yourself for not being stronger and sticking at it,

Why would you wanna feel like that again …?

So after so many attempts you are gonna be skeptical about trying another diet and going through the hell again,

There are plans though that WILL work and won’t leave you feeling like this – promise.



3. What will other people think

It’s almost turned into a running joke in your office right ? ha look at Kirsty on another diet again – what is it this time ?

Then suddenly everyone in the office is a qualified nutritionist offering their advice and input so not only does it leave you doubting the plan you are on but it also confuses you even more,

Every Monday they ask you what diet you are gonna attempt “Are you gonna stick to it unlike the last one”

It doesn’t exactly make you feel a million dollars does it,

A bit of support wouldn’t go a miss would it…

But when you learn the right way to ‘diet’ they will be asking you HOW you did it….



4. Being to hard on yourself

Even if you don’t pick a plan so to speak, ladies can be super tough on themselves but unfortunately it just means the same when it comes to the expiry date,

The industry has lead us to believe there are good and bad foods,

Good foods make us slim and healthy and bad foods make us fat and unhappy,

Ye, welcome back to 1997,

Of course there are foods that are more nutrient dense but when it comes to your fat loss, which is what I specialise in, it’s a simple matter of calories,

So when you want to lose fat you will initially cut out all the food we think is bad,

Chips, chocolate, takeaways, alcohol and anything else that is nice because we believe they are super high in calories – again part true part not,

We assume that dieting should be hard, it should feel like a punishment and if it’s not hard then it won’t work,

So when I tell my VIP ladies that they can include all this and lose weight they think i’m crazy,

But you cutting it out, something that has been part of your normal life forever is tough,

It’s like asking a 40 a day smoker to quit straight away – it’s not gonna happen,

Just like you trying to cut out all alcohol and carbs when you have consumed it all the time (obviously not accusing you of alcoholism)

Fat loss is a simple equation of calories in calories out,

If you were in a calorie deficit eating just Haribo you will lose fat – but common sense will prevail when your body hates you for it,

But just to give you some clarity…

Fat loss can be super simple – check out free Ditch the Diet Cheatsheet showing you the exact steps I use with my VIP ladies to get them not just weight loss, but giving them the tools to never have to start a diet again. 

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