The scales are lying to you….

11th March 2019by admin0

You’ve had a really good week,

You have stuck to your calories , planned your meals, cut down on the wine and got your steps right up there,

Not gone to the gym yet – but that’s cool because you don’t need it for fat loss (yes really)

The excitement to step on those scales on Sunday is too much,

You are counting down the days because you just want to see that number change,

You’ve worked so hard and you are super proud that you have STUCK at it, for he first time in forever,

So many Mondays have started with ‘insert Diet name’ and by Tuesday you are crawling the walls because the juice / shake ‘insert diet name’ just isn’t cutting it,

You can’t even have one custard cream when the tin makes its way round the office,

So no wonder after 24 hours we are gonna sack it off,

But this week has been different – you have read a lot about calories and how they are the science to fat loss – true story bro, and the best part ? there is so much flexibility with your food,

You can spend your calories how you want so if that means 6 smaller meals out of Tupperware then great if it means one portion of slag Bol with garlic bread and a glass of wine in the evening then amazing,

It doesn’t matter, just as long as you stay within those numbers,

So this week has been tracking central,

Weighing stuff out, tracking it super accurately, everything down to the last gram,

You feel awesome, you feel less sluggish, you feel like you could take on the world,

But lost importantly you have a sense of pride because you have followed it through,

So Sunday rolls round and the anticipation on the scales is too much,

You wake up early to jump on, even with your slight hangover from the night before,

Ye the night took a turn and you were staggering down the road with cheesy chips in hand at 2am – but no fear as it was alllll tracked and logged.

You grab the scales – open up the notes in your phone to check what you were last Sunday ,

Like you could forget – you never want to see that number again right ?!

Last Sunday you were 14stone 10,

This Sunday you are ………. 14stone 11,

The actual

OMG how has this happened ?

A lb heavier – are there scales taking the fucking piss or what ?!

Fuck this – ‘opens deliveroo app and gets McDonald’s breakfast delivered’

And no, you didn’t track it because this plan, this diet , the process is wank,

Calories is the science to fat loss – fucking bullshit that is – I followed it and I’m a lb heavier,

No, dieting isn’t for me- I’m destined to be fat, actually no maybe it’s my genetics, ye that’s it, It’s not my fault , I’ll just have to accept I’ll be wearing a size 18 for the rest of my days,


How many times have you stood on those scales – after a week of trying super hard and it not working ……

Nothing changed and god forbid you got heavier ?

Then how many times have you said ‘fuck it before’ starting again …. the following Monday ?

Only problem with this though is your fuck it attitude has lead you to be heavier then when you first started,

It’s super common, but here’s the deal – calories are the science of fat loss,

Pure and simple,

And if you stick at your deficit you WILL lose fat , notice I said fat not necessarily weight,

Your weight consists of a lot of things and we will go through that later,

But there are several reasons why the scales are CAN BE wank, but here is why I still use them with my VIP ladies but also why you shouldn’t sack it off after a week,


Not sexy and really fucking boring – let me ask you this,

If you went on a date with someone and asked them at the end when you said your goodbyes “Will you marry me?”

We will take away from the fact you would probably get sectioned but they would bolt,

Relationships take consistent work – over time things develop and things happen , exactly the same as your diet,

Giving it one day or week and giving up is next level stupid,

Scales weight

When you stand on the scales it measures your weight, your relationship with gravity,

Your weight is not just fat / it consists of muscle, water, digested food (aka not been for a shit yet)

This is why using BMI to measure someones health is fucking ridiculous,

You have rugby players or boxers that weigh 18stone plus of pure muscle and they are classed as morbidly obese, take AJ for example 17stone 8 and not an ounce of wobble on him,

If you were to put a cup on a set of scales and weigh it, but then fill that cup with water the scales would go up because the cup is heavier,

Similar to you and water – don’t sweat it,


Plus water retention plays a MASSIVE part,

Water retention is where your body stores water – and if you have water in your body going back to the above example it will make you heavier,

A lot of things can lead to water retention – carbs, salt, stress, lack of sleep all major factors.

So if you weight is going a bit sque wiff then this is 9 times out of 10 the case give it a couple of days and it will balance itself out.

Dress sizes

We love to watch the numbers on the scales go down, it’s a great feeling, it makes us feel good and proud,

But not every week it will happen that is why using other ways to monitor your progress is a very good idea,

Dress size – how do your clothes feel? Find something in your wardrobe a little tight from the beginning try it on after a month or so,

Measurements – measure your hips / waist / arms / thighs etc take these measurements every week to see how things are moving forward,

Photos – daunting as fuck I know, but it’s the best way to see a physical change, two photos- one month apart and see the changes that way,

A lb of fat

Fun fact for you – did you know that a lb of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories,

That’s a lot right ? so for you to put on a lb of fat you would have had to have overeaten by 3500 calories,

Overeaten being the important phrase here – i’m not saying if you eat 3500 calories in one day you will put on a lb of fat, remember you burn calories daily as well even if you aren’t doing anything,

Eating that many calories OVER your maintenance, granted everyones is different so let’s say that your’s is 2000 if one day you ate 5500 calories then you would put on a lb of fat ROUGHLY,

That’s a lot of food right there,

Yet another reason why that lb you have out on is not likely to be fat.

Inevitably over time the number on the scales will go down as you lose fat,

But concentrating solely on that is why you keep losing motivation and saying fuck it,

Seriously, think about how many times you have stepped on the scales, it’s not said what you wanted after a solid week and you have said fuck this I’m not doing it – this doesn’t work….

5? 10? 20?

Take our story at the beginning, after readying through this it’s kinda obvious why the scales didn’t go down for her,

Yes she was in a deficit over the week but she ate late at night (cheesy chips) which were high in salt and carbs, she hadn’t had much sleep which all lead to water retention, hence the number on the scales,

If you are consistent things will happen,

But the number on the scales is letting you determine how happy you are with your body, it’s killing your results and ultimately making you fatter ,

If you must stand on the scales then do it,

But take it each morning and find the average of the week,

But I would really recommend using other methods to track how well you are doing,

The most unsexy thing about this whole weight loss shit is consistency,

Give it time and I mean longer then a week.

You’ll thank me in 2 months time



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