Social media is KILLING your weight loss efforts….

4th February 2019by admin0

Social media is ruining your weight loss,

and before you say it, or click off, this isn’t gonna be your usual ‘Don’t compare your body to someone else’s’,

As much as that is true there is a much bigger problem with social media when it comes to your weight loss or lack of in this case, 

In fact, there are several problems and no I’m not gonna tell you that you need to spend less time on the gram or FB because that’s barbaric, I mean its 2019 for gods sake, who the hell would delete their account and get rid of the app to avoid temptation and avoid all conversations in the office about it just to lose a few pounds, 

Ye, I’m not a moron, I know that wouldn’t happen, 

But in order to lose the weight we have to look at social media as a place that is gonna confuse the fuck out of us, tempt us with shit we don’t need, lie to us, try to drag us down the discount code route and will also and most importantly completely fuck up our attempted weight loss,  

As a generation we will follow a lot of ladies who have, for want of a better word, a banging body – we use it as ‘fitspiration’ or some other wanky hashtag, we use it to try some weird functional exercise with a theraband and possibly a different way to use the leg press – I mean this chick has 200k followers it must be because she is a fitness and nutrition god, it can’t be because she has a discount code for Gymshark….

1 – These girls are on chapter 20 

Ok, so there is a small part where I wanna shake you and tell you to stop it, 

These ladies that you follow have been training for years, they have been eating well for years, they have been on IG for years – no one knew about them when they had just 200 followers,

Suddenly they are popular and because we have never seen them before we assume they got their transformation over night, 

Look how fit they look

Why doesn’t my stomach look like that

How do they get to look so slim and toned 

We will take away the fact that genetics have a part to play in the way people look so we can’t get hung up on that – there is fuck all we can do about genetics I’m afraid, 

But these ladies are on chapter 20 of their journey, you my friend are on chapter 1, in fact you haven’t even turned the cover, 

If it helps then definitely use them for inspiration, if it keeps you motivated then that’s awesome but if you find yourself just comparing yourself after week 1 then it’s not doing you any good. 

2 – Desperation

Weight loss is usually done out of desperation, you hate the way you look, you hate the way you feel, you hate the fact your favourite jeans now don’t go above your thighs, you hate the fact that you can’t look in the mirror anymore, you hate the fact you now hate shopping because it always involves rummaging at the back of the rail for the larger sizes, 

So with all this desperation comes  the want for your weight loss NOW, 

Cue Gemma Collins and Kylie Jenner – Boombod, Skinny coffee, Appetite suppressants, 

All that shit and guess what, not only does it give you instant weight loss, we will also give you a discount code (commission code) – absolute win right ? 

But when do the alarm bells start ringing for you ? 

I guess they don’t – because you have a pile of receipts from your purchases over the years, 

I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by telling you about photoshop, lighting, angles, and pulling leggings up to make the pictures look different, 

But you have to think about how those products made you feel before ? 

How long did you last ? 

How much food did it make you cut out ? 

How much of a miserable cow did it make you ? 

Do you still have the weight loss that you got ?

You don’t need me to tell you these products are wank – think about the above and that should be all the evidence you need to never buy them again, 

If you have never bought them before ………DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND SANITY. 

Your welcome, 

3. People can be assholes

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already realised, people really can be dicks, 

and social media is the best place for them to be an asshole, 

Lying about the products they use, 

Lying about the information they give, 

Lying about the advice they dish out, 

Wanna know why …? 

All for a bit of dollar – your dollar in fact, 

People want to sound different – they want to sound revolutionary – they want to sound like they have something new, 

Because that’s what you think you need – you think you have tried everything to lose weight, 

100% might feel like you have tried everything, you may also feel like you have been on a diet for your whole life – which is 80% of females by the way, 

but something new pops up on your timeline, something you haven’t tried, something you think will help and you’re hooked, 

That’s what I need,

You don’t, you really don’t, 

I’m gonna let you into a little secret – YOU DON’T NEED A PRODUCT FOR WEIGHT LOSS,

You don’t need anything, there is no magic pill ,shake, potion that will get a you a result as much as who bangs on about it, 

It all comes down to money and it is sickening, these ‘influencers’ have thousands of people they could help but instead they decide to talk absolute waffle and sell you horse shit for 10% commission,

The fact just this week the government and brining in some sort of law on celebrities trying to sell you weight loss fads is 100% a step in the right direction, 

Lets hope they don’t get paid off by Boombod to go quiet but in all seriousness, for someone in the industry who wants to help it’s disgusting the amount of absolute trollop on the inter web, social media in particular, 

It’s very easy for me to tell you it, 

But until you get a result without a product you won’t believe it, 

Start tracking your food, get in a deficit and the results will speak for themselves, 

4 – Too much conflicting information

Finally though, the most important one is the conflicting information, its leaves you more confused then ever…

Someone tells you that you shouldn’t eat carbs

Someone else says that carbs aren’t the problem

Someone tells you that weighing youself is silly

Someone else tells you that you have to do it

Someone tells you that avoacado is a superfood and burns fat,

Someone else tells you that its the cause of obesity

Someone tells you you must lift weight

Someone else says you don’t need to the gym

you see where i’m going with this ye ? 

It’s insane, 

Like, where do you ever begin, 

Where do I start, 

Who do I believe, 

If there are ‘fitpros’ arguing about the best diet what the fuck am I supposed to do, 

Truth is, too many fitpros will bang on about what works for them and their clients, 

For example me and my ladies will start with tracking and no gym workouts, 

It’s what works for my ladies but that being said each of them are different so we change it up based on them and their goals, 

but again, you will speak to another professional who will say you must workout to lose weight but that is what has worked for them and their clients, 

so rather then gathering more information on the ‘best way to lose weight’ 

Look at your food, 

Straight up, that’s the best place to start, 

Track what’s going in and go from there, 

If you are in a deficit you WILL lose weight,

How you get in that deficit is up to you but ultimately it needs to be in a way that is congruent with YOUR lifestyle and YOUR current routine, 

Social media is a massive part of our lives, we will always watch, read and be part of it, 

But when it comes to your weight loss it is having detrimental effects rather then positive ones….

If something worked for you before and you could see yourself doing it for a number of months to keep seeing results, 

Then go back to that, do it again, it worked before so will work again, 

Don’t get caught up in the social media bollocks

Don’t get caught up in the buzz of fad bullshit

Don’t compare yourself to someone else who is on chapter 20, 

If you are fed up of the bullshit on social media and want that results you have been trying to get for what feels like years then let’s chat….

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