Great British Bake Off under criticism…….

5th October 2018by admin0

So in the UK there is a program called The Great British Bake Off,

Depending where you are in the world you know doubt would have heard of it, 

It’s a competition where each week the contestants have to bake a dessert of some sort and the judges vote for the best one with people being eliminated as the show progresses, 

I gotta admit, I’ve never really been caught up in the hype of it, 

But for some it’s a weekly ritual that they watch without fail, 

Now, today, this show took criticism,

Which is rare because a lot of people go acca over this program, 

Like have GBBO parties and I also think it’s because it’s British, 

I mean they cook in a tent for gods sake,

Like it’s hardly upper class is it, 

But the word British in the title sky rockets it in the class table,


There were two people then went on ‘This Morning’ (another british daytime program)

and these people said that the GBBO is fuelling the obesity crisis that is sweeping Britian, 

Yes really, 

Are they fucking serious ? 

Their argument was that the GBBO should come with a Health Warning for fat people,

His words, not mine,

His slogan was – ‘If you’re fat think before you slice’

ye, alright mate,

You absolute bellend,

He said that when you see the cakes being made your senses start to go and the first thing you do is run to the fridge,


But what in gods name is a health warning going to do,

We need to get to the route of the problem,

The people who are over weight have an issue with food,

Pure and simple,

and yet again we are giving them something to blame their lack of weight loss and obesity on,

It’s not the fact there is a baking program on the TV, once a week for a few weeks,

That isn’t the problem,

We have a bad relationship with food,

Use the food as a comfort for things that have gone wrong (which is normal by the way),

Feeling guilty about eating such and such so eat more of it to make us feel better,

Convenience, calorific foods are ten times cheaper then the healthy shit,

There is too much information on the internet to confuse us,

All that info contradicts each other,

There are too many companies and people praying on peoples vulnerability and selling shit, quick fixes that don’t work, 

There are far too many uneducated people that are ‘helping’ people,

These are the main issues with the obesity crises in Britain,

not the fact that feel good programs like the GBBO should come with a health warning,

I wouldn’t say there is a way to fix it,

But we can all start by addressing the real issue – which is a lot of peoples relationship with food,

And the fact we want to undo years of bad eating and zero activity in just a sip of a shake or a joining of a gym,

It’s not a bad thing that we all look for a quick fix though,

We would do wouldn’t we,

Like if someone said to use –

“Lose your mum tum in just 2 weeks with this simple fat loss shake”


“ok we need to look at your calories – how we can make small changes this is a long term goal but we can def get you there”

You would pick option 1 all day long,

It’s quick,

It sounds easy,

and it targets that one area you want,

Mate, it’s cling film but they have sold it to use a inch loss wraps…..

Come on,

I can help you in terms of calling out the shit and offering you simple advice,

But ultimately you just gotta use a bit of common sense,

As i say we will always look for the easy option – but we have to stop being so gullible and ultimately stop blaming our lack of results on other factors,

I can see it now – you’re sat with your friends at dinner tonight,

The convo of weight loss and diets always seems to crop up,

I worked in a restaurant for 4 years so heard it all from relationship issues, kids that needed rehoming and the golden subject of diets,


You will say – “haha you hear that story on This Morning about that guy blaming GBBO for the obesity crises,

Ye that’s my problem – lol lol lol”

Easy to laugh about it – isn’t it,

Not so easy when you took 2 hours to get ready for the dinner because nothing fit,

Not so easy when you laddered your tights trying to pull them up to your bra to hide your belly,

Not so easy when you had to wear the same pair of black leggings you always wear,

Harsh ?

Possibly, but i know these are daily struggles that so many ladies struggle with,

How do I know ?

1 – I have been there,

2 – I work with ladies everyday – helping them overcome those exact obstacles,

So do me a favour, in fact two,

STOP using a program and what some douchebag presenter thinks about your favourite program,

The media can be a cruel mistress,

and sway our opinion MASSIVELY,

Which leads us to confusion AND procrastination,

Procrastination means fuck all results


Stop falling for shit, gullible, money grabbing fuckwits who don’t give a shit about your results or lack of in this case,

Play the long game – I promise you will be worth it.

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