Fat Loss or a New Handbag…..?

29th October 2018by admin0

I can’t afford it,

This is something I hear so much when it comes to ladies losing fat,

and it’s not just when it comes to hiring help,

It’s from buying fresh food,

Joining a gym,

Attending a weight loss club,

Buying supplements,


Now, I get it money can be tight at times,

Without sounding like my gran, but back in the day you could buy a Freddo for 10p now the fucker has gone up to twenty something,

Absolute liberty if you ask me,

But either way things are getting more expensive and some people live day to day really struggling to make ends meet,

And when it comes to shopping it can be a lot more expensive to eat healthier,

A punnet of grapes is £2.30 when I went to Asda earlier,

Yet I could purchase a large bottle of coke, a family bag of Doritoes and a family size bar of Galaxy for the same amount,

and they wonder why we have an obesity crisis,

Ok, enough with putting the worlds to right about Freddo’s and crisps,

Back to you and your excuses,

because that’s what it is, another excuse,

I can’t afford that,

Thats’ too expensive,

It’s how much …?

These are all objections but see you will say that when it comes to your gym or PT,

But when it comes to a handbag that you already have 5 of – it’s “Only £140 that’s a bargain”

When it comes to that night out – “I can’t really afford it but i’ll find the money from somewhere”

When it comes to buying meal deals every day – “I didn’t have time to make my lunch so i’ll just grab this meal deal” £15 a week equals £60 a month – but you don’t need me to tell you that 😉

When it comes to your friends birthday – “I must get a new outfit, new shoes, new top and new jeans”

We will always find money for that,


But your health, fitness and the way you look will not be a priority for you,

You speak about it 15 times a day,

I guarantee you have spoke to at least one person in your office today about how you shouldn’t eat this or how much weight you need to lose,

You think about your weight 100 times a day,

Again, I can guarantee you have thought about how you look in the last 5 minutes,

You look at yourself in the mirror this morning and saw flaws, things you wanna change, the fat you want to lose,

You are stuck wearing the same black top that covers your arms at work because you are too self conscious to have your arms bare,

yet you still tell yourself that ‘help’ is too expensive,

and that you can’t afford it,

my personal favourite is when people say they can’t afford it yet their IG stories are full or nights out every weekend,


2 things,

1 – You don’t actually need any products, healthy food, gym memberships or supplements to lose weight,

2 – You don’t need to spend any money on that stuff because you can be in a CD without it,

So it leads me to believe it’s another reason,

A deeper reason as to why you don’t wanna do it,


Are you scared to fail ?

You have hired help before and they were the biggest ball bag ever ?

They didn’t deliver what they promised in your consultation so you are apprehensive about trying again…I get it, I have been there,

I once paid for a PT who promised me the world about 12 years ago,

Now being younger I was probably more naive but for the money I paid I thought I would get more then just shuttle runs on the park football pitch,

Waste of money right there,

Plus you have tried a fuck ton of diets,

Whats the point in trying again,

It leaves you fed up, frustrated and guilty plus you are actually heavier then when you first started…

Why would you go through that shit again….?


But on the other hand are you scared to succeed ?

Imagine what you have thought about when it comes to your fat loss,

The way you want to look,

The dress you want to fit into,

The shape that starts to appear in your waist and arms,

The number on the back of your jeans starting to go down,

The difference that your colleagues notice week to week,


You have thought about that for what feels like years right ?

Failed new years resolution after failed new years resolution,

What if all that was to go and you can finally look in the mirror and smile,

Scary right ?


Are you scared of what others will think?

I read a very interesting post from another PT the other day and it was about one of his clients who has transformed their body,

and her colleagues and friends turned round and said she was on the borderline of an eating disorder,

This was her friends,

Jesus christ,

This is jealously, pure and simple,

They haven’t got the commitment, drive, willpower, hard workness (not a word) to do what she did so they tell her she’s gone too far,

What will my family and friends think when I say I don’t want dessert ?

Will they laugh at me when I say I’m trying to lose weight ?

Will they snigger and sarcastically ask “again?” ?

What will they say when I tell them I’m going to the gym instead of going for a drink after work ?

Too many people dictate what we think and what we do,

Far. Too. Many. People.

It’s your body and your results,

Fuck ‘em.


Are you worried it will be another thing to try and fit in ?

We all lead busy lives,

Work, Family, Kids and that’s without trying to hold down some sort of social life.

How could you possibly include healthy eating and workouts in an already crammed schedule,

Ye, alright,

We have 24 hours day (in case you didn’t know)

You work for 10 of those,

Sleep for 8 max,  (some of you will eye roll and say I wish)

What are you doing with the rest of the hours ?


and you know what the best part is ?

You don’t need to workout to lose fat,

I can bet some of you don’t even need a gym membership or too find an hour, four times a week to workout,

Because right now,

At the start of your journey,

You don’t need it,

Calories and steps are all you need to worry about right now,

Not a lot of time commitment there,


So money is always the easiest excuse,

Because no one will question you about it,

That would make them an asshole,

So that’s why you use it,

It’s not because of your financial situation for 95% of you,

It’s one of the other reasons above,

But you know that you will use money because –

A – You won’t use it because someone will question you,


B – If you said it out loud you would sound proper stupid, 

Wouldn’t you though ?

“Ye I can’t lose the fat I have wanted to lose for the last 75 years right now because I work 5 hours a day and I just can’t commit to it right now”


STOP with the shitty excuses,

STOP blaming it on your financial situation,

I could turn round and say “Can you afford not to do something about your health?”

It’s proper cliche,

But truthfully you just wanna lose your muffin top and bingo wings, being ‘healthy’ isn’t top of your list of goals,

Thats something you need to work on for YOU,

Money will always be a factor, I get that,

But if you think of it like an investment – an investment into you,

Then not only will you make it worth it,

The rewards will be second to none.


To get you started there is a free cheatsheet below. 

No financial investment involved just a little bit of time – you can afford that 😉

Fat Loss cheatsheet

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