Excuses, excuses, excuses….

12th April 2019by admin0

We as a human being love an excuse, like really fucking love it,

If you have followed me for a while you will know this is something I have said a lot,

See, excuses are easy to make and very few people will argue you with you,

Why ?

Because you make such a strong case for yourself that they will believe you,

Take metabolism for example,

The amount of ladies I speak to and they say it’s their metabolism that is halting their progress – “Ye my metabolism is just so shit, if that was better things would be different”

but when they talk to their friends about it they don’t just say

“My metabolism is shit that’s why I’m fat”

No they will go in,

“It’s my metabolism, I had a check at the doctors and they said nothing was wrong so I went to a PT and a coach and they said it’s this this and this, which makes sense because every diet I can’t stick to so you know it’s just so much harder for me”

Ye – I know you have done it,

Same with time,

It’s never “I haven’t got time”

It’s “Things are just so busy at the moment, work is stressful, the kids are crazy, my mum is ill at the moment so I have to take care of her and then this jumped up PT asked if I was coming to bootcamp – what a moron, where the hell does he think I would find the time”

Sound familiar ?

Excuses are built up from two things,

1 – Misconception

2 – Fear of failure

Every time,

Misconception when it comes to what you think you have to do to lose weight – what you think needs to be crammed into your already packed schedule

and fear of failure, you have tried to lose weight more times then I’ve visited the pick n mix at Wilkinsons (that’s a lot by the way) you are losing the will to keep trying and to keep giving it you’re all,

You will always use the excuses but here’s a few things you can do, implement that will make a difference,


I don’t have time

Big one right ?

Now I don’t have kids so I’m not gonna pretend that I know how tough it can be with work, school, college, deadlines PLUS trying to hit the gym and get meal prep in,

But you don’t need to spend hours at the gym or spend weeks in the kitchen meal prepping plus you haven’t got any tupperware lids have you ?

What is it with tupperware lids hey ? they just seem to go walkabout, maybe they are in the same place as all of those odd socks?

Anyway, I’m getting off point,

This is a prime example of misconception,

But If you lose weight the right way you don’t need any of that shit above so time isn’t an issue,


I can’t afford it

Love this one, but this is the fear of failure every time,

You don’t want to waste your money so you don’t wanna spend it – you’ve wasted so much already, you can’t afford to lose more money on another fad diet that won’t work,

But before saying you can’t afford it – take a real good look into whatever it is you are buying,

Do they have social proof ? REAL people that have tried the plan and it’s worked, go one step further and reach out to these people,

You will be surprised the amount of PT’s / coaches that use fake before and after photos,

Is this celebrity promoting it? 9 times out of 10 it will be endorsed and ultimately be shit,

Is it realistic? is it something you can add into your lifestyle, if they need you to do 7 workouts a week and drink juice you probably haven’t got much chance of sticking at it,

Look into these first before investing.

It’s my insulin / genes / metabolism / PCOS / Time of the month / *insert other medical excuse here*

You wanna know who’s fault it is that you keep using these excuses ? the media,

Lying bastards,

You watch This morning or Good morning Britain, or another daytime TV program and they will have expert (used in the loosest terms) that will start with the line –

“Research as shown…….”

Granted research is great – the greatest things have been discovered or been done through research but when it simply gives us

A – Another excuse


B – More confusion then its ridiculous,

The only science you need to worry about for fat loss is Energy balance, calories in vs calories out that’s all the research you need to care about….

The time of day you eat makes no difference to your metabolism,

Genes can have a small impact but that’s due to your make up so we are talking about how lean you can get, wether your abs will show etc, not how much you eat – that’s on you I’m afraid,

PCOS, ok, you got me here, this one is slightly different but it just means you need to work harder it does NOT mean it’s impossible.


I just love chocolate too much

Hand on heart I had a lady message me saying “I really wanna lose weight but I love wine too much so don’t wanna cut it out”

Ok great, we don’t need to cut it out – let me ask you this,

Would you rather have a 400 calorie breakfast OR a bottle of wine in the evening,

Answer for her would be wine, for you it might be different but this is why everyone is on their own journey and things can’t be generic BUT it makes no difference to the calorie spend so what you spend it on is up to you,

If your poison is chocolate, wine, cheese, mini cheddars – whatever, it doesn’t matter just as long as you stay within your numbers.


I hate exercise / gym

This is where you and me are different, I love it, always have and pretty sure I always will,

But you don’t have to do it,

Let me tell you a quick story,

I worked with a lady back in January and the first thing she said to me was I hate the gym, I can’t stand all the people, all the grunting and I don’t have a clue what to do,

I said ok, no problem, do you drive ?

No – I take the bus everywhere,

Awesome – so every day this week you are gonna get off the bus a stop earlier plus take the stairs to your office, we are gonna aim for 7k steps a day – you recon you could do that ?

Yes she said,

Fast forward 4 weeks she lost 25.5 inches off her body, yes food played a massive part but just being more conscious with being active made a massive difference and NO gym membership needed.


I have no willpower / I just can’t commit right now,

Fear of failure and misconception AGAIN,

Misconception of what needs to be done to lose that stone,



Have I missed any ….?

But do you see how they all resonate back to those 2 things every time ?

Misconception and Fear of failure,

Get to terms with those 2 things and you really will be able to stick at a plan that suits you and then all the excuses go out of the window.

Clarity is something that a lot of people need when starting out on a weight loss journey, wether you have never been on a diet before or wether you have tried 718 diets in the last year,

Having a bit of clarity, myth busting and some straight talking can go along way.

We can help,

Check out our DTD Method here.

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