And never have to start another diet again on Monday ?

Are you gonna be the next before and after picture we rave about ?


So I know you are in the position where you have seen every diet advertised,

Every fad gimmick

Every bullshit tea

Every crappy home gym equipment

They all had their own marketing epicness, I mean you bought it, so the marketing was on point but do you know what else they had in common ?

Failed promises,

They used the usual super toned, bronzed addonis that is in the top 1 percentile of god given genetics blonde model - telling you she got this figure using this and you can too.....

Ye, we have all fallen for it,

Sucks to be us right,

Another £35 including postage and packaging down the drain, time wasted trying and another wanky gimmick you can add to your ever growing list of failed dieting attempts.

It's getting pretty long isn't it ?

Well I'm gonna show you the one thing you are missing - the one little bit of gold dust that if you sprinkled on your highly motivated, enthuses self that you are on a Monday morning then you can't fail,

Bold statement right ?

Ye, I know what you are thinking - "I've failed so many times why is this time gonna be any different?"

What makes me so special ?

Ye I hear ya,

and I'm not gonna give you the usual bullshit about how I've been there, been in your position and I added this one trick and my life turned into a bed of rainbows and unicorn farts,

You wanna know why ?

Because you have heard that before as well and 9 times out of 10 they are lying!

But I know how hard it can be because I have (genuinely) worked with ladies just like you,

Desperate to lose weight, and when I say desperate I'm not joking, I'm gonna guess you have heard or even tried the baby food diet - all the craze with Victoria Beckham apparently, some of my ladies had done it,

Or maybe you did what my VIP client Lucy did and took laxatives before a slimming world weigh in - she was that desperate to see the scales go down,

Or maybe you have been like one of my others ladies Katie who fell victim to the Vicky Pattison and Boombod,

Ye - remember I told you these guys were clever, spot someone desperate to lose weight, hit them with a quick fix, you get sucked in and, well you know how the story ends,

But you are not alone,

There are millions of ladies like you, heck, you probably go to work with some of them - the usual conversation circulates around the office every Monday morning of which diet you are all on,

and then just like clock work - Wednesday hits and you all joke about how you couldn't stick to it before indulging in a custard cream eating contest,


I know you have been there,

but I have the perfect solution for you,

First up let me tell you who I am, I'm Alex Brown founder and creator of the DTD Academy,

I help you 9-5's get out of the routine of your typical yo yo dieting, show you how simple weight loss can be and together we completely transform your body,

Ye, I know you have heard this all before and what makes me different...

Well in truth me,

See I have come up with a method that torches body fat, makes the inches disappear and your jeans start to love you again (no more straining)

and here's what we do,


Sounds good right, hold my beer and I'll explain,

You aren't going to feel like you are on a diet,

In fact you are going to be wondering why this isn't hard, you will let the week tick by without realising you are even on a diet,

Using my proven methods and tactics we are gonna lose the body fat, sculpt your body and watch the numbers go down week after week,

Just let this sink in for a second -


Think of this,

You have a girls night out planned, it's a friends birthday and you are all going for drinks after a long week at work,

You go to your wardrobe and pick out your favourite jeans that haven't fit for months, you slide them on with barely any effort whilst grinning smugly in between sips of Prosecco,

You go out for drinks and a meal without once feeling guilty that you have cheated or fallen off plan, your confidence is sky high and for once you are the one getting chatted up at the bar not your 'skinny' friends.

It can happen.


See, when someone is full of motivation and commitment which I know you are, it's super sad to see them fail week after week on ridiculous plans that make stupid promises,

Every Monday you promise yourself you will stick at it and when you don't you beat yourself up, you feel angry and frustrates and you blame yourself when in truth it's the diet that let you down,


I was tired of watching ladies do this,

I came up with the method after working on the gym floor for over 5 years, watching ladies turn up and kill them self in a spin class they hated or spend hours on the treadmill,

These ladies were miserable,

They hated the gym but continued to go because they wanted a result so badly, but if we hate it why do we do it ?

This is where the Ditch the Diet method comes in, we don't make you go to the gym, we don't make you do hours of boring cardio or 100s of sit ups,

You don't need any of that to lose fat,

I went all in with the pen and paper and mapped out the whole 28 day process from start to finish and then had ladies test it out for me to see if it really could do what I promised,

Well I guess the results speak for them self......

So what's included -

✅ A personalised workout plan to do in or out of the gym (goal dependent)

✅ 2 Group Workouts a week

✅ Personalised food plan to watch the fat melt away.

✅ Access to our private Facebook group to keep you accountable.

✅ Monthly check ins to keep track of measurements / weight loss and photos.

✅ Personalised feedback video to plan the next month with your food and workouts to keep your weight loss happening.

✅ Weekly Live Q and A's.

✅ A guaranteed weight loss result 😉

Your weight loss right now is similar to a roll of toilet paper (no, not shit) but over time you have built up your weight and you right now are like a full roll of toilet paper,

Over the next few months we will help you peel away a sheet at a time to get you ultimately smaller...


A lot of online PT's and coaches are gonna hate me for this because A - this is for ladies on a budget and B - they try and charge hundreds for this type of info and product,


See, I wanna help ladies who can't afford a bespoke 1-1 tailed program for them, I wanna help them achieve weight loss and confident gaining epicness with this method we can do that,

It's a group style method but get's you some pretty sick results without spending a pretty penny,

Plus you wanna result NOW, you don't wanna wait till that's paid off, or that bill is sorted or that car repair is done, you wanna go all in NOW!

I've helped hundreds of ladies lose inches, pounds and stone all in a bid to feel body confident again and I can help you to.

Here's what some of my ladies said about me....

So are you ready ?

Ready to finally lose the weight you have wanted since......January.........2015?!

For just over £1 a day we can get you those results in our DTD Academy!

It's just £39 p/m , click below and let's have a super chilled, no obligation chat about wether the Academy is right for you.


So now it's time for the bad news,

Ye, I know, bad news sucks BUT I wanna make sure you are exactly the type of person I can help and get you the most insane results,

So if you are looking to add yet another shake or pill to your list of diets then this is NOT for you, we are helping ladies get results in the right way giving them weight loss that LASTS,

If you are not willing to learn then this is not for you, these methods are tried and tested and the results speak for them self so if you aren't willing to learn and implement then this isn't for you,

And finally if you aren't willing to invest a small amount in YOUR life then again this is not for you, an investment that will pay back in insane results may I add!

If you are ready to go all in and get a result like the ladies above then click below

Yes I want in now!


OK, that's all from me, fair play for sticking around but if like you me and you are a skimmer here's the bullet proof version -

  • 1:1 coaching is expensive
  • Group coaching is great for a budget so why not join ?
  • Join up now and you could lose up to a stone in the first 4 weeks.

PS Who said we are lazy as a nation you just read this whole page and made it right to the bottom 🙂

Lets do this!