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12th April 2019by admin0

We as a human being love an excuse, like really fucking love it,

If you have followed me for a while you will know this is something I have said a lot,

See, excuses are easy to make and very few people will argue you with you,

Why ?

Because you make such a strong case for yourself that they will believe you,

Take metabolism for example,

The amount of ladies I speak to and they say it’s their metabolism that is halting their progress – “Ye my metabolism is just so shit, if that was better things would be different”

but when they talk to their friends about it they don’t just say

“My metabolism is shit that’s why I’m fat”

No they will go in,

“It’s my metabolism, I had a check at the doctors and they said nothing was wrong so I went to a PT and a coach and they said it’s this this and this, which makes sense because every diet I can’t stick to so you know it’s just so much harder for me”

Ye – I know you have done it,

Same with time,

It’s never “I haven’t got time”

It’s “Things are just so busy at the moment, work is stressful, the kids are crazy, my mum is ill at the moment so I have to take care of her and then this jumped up PT asked if I was coming to bootcamp – what a moron, where the hell does he think I would find the time”

Sound familiar ?

Excuses are built up from two things,

1 – Misconception

2 – Fear of failure

Every time,

Misconception when it comes to what you think you have to do to lose weight – what you think needs to be crammed into your already packed schedule

and fear of failure, you have tried to lose weight more times then I’ve visited the pick n mix at Wilkinsons (that’s a lot by the way) you are losing the will to keep trying and to keep giving it you’re all,

You will always use the excuses but here’s a few things you can do, implement that will make a difference,


I don’t have time

Big one right ?

Now I don’t have kids so I’m not gonna pretend that I know how tough it can be with work, school, college, deadlines PLUS trying to hit the gym and get meal prep in,

But you don’t need to spend hours at the gym or spend weeks in the kitchen meal prepping plus you haven’t got any tupperware lids have you ?

What is it with tupperware lids hey ? they just seem to go walkabout, maybe they are in the same place as all of those odd socks?

Anyway, I’m getting off point,

This is a prime example of misconception,

But If you lose weight the right way you don’t need any of that shit above so time isn’t an issue,


I can’t afford it

Love this one, but this is the fear of failure every time,

You don’t want to waste your money so you don’t wanna spend it – you’ve wasted so much already, you can’t afford to lose more money on another fad diet that won’t work,

But before saying you can’t afford it – take a real good look into whatever it is you are buying,

Do they have social proof ? REAL people that have tried the plan and it’s worked, go one step further and reach out to these people,

You will be surprised the amount of PT’s / coaches that use fake before and after photos,

Is this celebrity promoting it? 9 times out of 10 it will be endorsed and ultimately be shit,

Is it realistic? is it something you can add into your lifestyle, if they need you to do 7 workouts a week and drink juice you probably haven’t got much chance of sticking at it,

Look into these first before investing.

It’s my insulin / genes / metabolism / PCOS / Time of the month / *insert other medical excuse here*

You wanna know who’s fault it is that you keep using these excuses ? the media,

Lying bastards,

You watch This morning or Good morning Britain, or another daytime TV program and they will have expert (used in the loosest terms) that will start with the line –

“Research as shown…….”

Granted research is great – the greatest things have been discovered or been done through research but when it simply gives us

A – Another excuse


B – More confusion then its ridiculous,

The only science you need to worry about for fat loss is Energy balance, calories in vs calories out that’s all the research you need to care about….

The time of day you eat makes no difference to your metabolism,

Genes can have a small impact but that’s due to your make up so we are talking about how lean you can get, wether your abs will show etc, not how much you eat – that’s on you I’m afraid,

PCOS, ok, you got me here, this one is slightly different but it just means you need to work harder it does NOT mean it’s impossible.


I just love chocolate too much

Hand on heart I had a lady message me saying “I really wanna lose weight but I love wine too much so don’t wanna cut it out”

Ok great, we don’t need to cut it out – let me ask you this,

Would you rather have a 400 calorie breakfast OR a bottle of wine in the evening,

Answer for her would be wine, for you it might be different but this is why everyone is on their own journey and things can’t be generic BUT it makes no difference to the calorie spend so what you spend it on is up to you,

If your poison is chocolate, wine, cheese, mini cheddars – whatever, it doesn’t matter just as long as you stay within your numbers.


I hate exercise / gym

This is where you and me are different, I love it, always have and pretty sure I always will,

But you don’t have to do it,

Let me tell you a quick story,

I worked with a lady back in January and the first thing she said to me was I hate the gym, I can’t stand all the people, all the grunting and I don’t have a clue what to do,

I said ok, no problem, do you drive ?

No – I take the bus everywhere,

Awesome – so every day this week you are gonna get off the bus a stop earlier plus take the stairs to your office, we are gonna aim for 7k steps a day – you recon you could do that ?

Yes she said,

Fast forward 4 weeks she lost 25.5 inches off her body, yes food played a massive part but just being more conscious with being active made a massive difference and NO gym membership needed.


I have no willpower / I just can’t commit right now,

Fear of failure and misconception AGAIN,

Misconception of what needs to be done to lose that stone,



Have I missed any ….?

But do you see how they all resonate back to those 2 things every time ?

Misconception and Fear of failure,

Get to terms with those 2 things and you really will be able to stick at a plan that suits you and then all the excuses go out of the window.

Clarity is something that a lot of people need when starting out on a weight loss journey, wether you have never been on a diet before or wether you have tried 718 diets in the last year,

Having a bit of clarity, myth busting and some straight talking can go along way.

We can help,

Check out our DTD Method here.

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Are you a weekend wobbler ?

Random question right and what the actual fuck is a wagon wobbler…..?

Cracking question,

Funny story though – I woke up randomly on Friday morning, it was 3.40am and I needed a wee and suddenly the phrase wagon wobbler came to me,

Random I know,

I have the most random ideas sometimes and it’s usually never when i’m in work mode, that’s frustrating but either way,

So ye what is a wagon wobbler…

We have all heard the phrase fallen off the wagon, which refers to failing a diet,

Oh ye I fell off the wagon – again,

Oh ye things were going so well but then I feel off the wagon and ate shit for the entire weekend,

Monday – Thursday we can stick to a diet,

It’s pretty easy right ? you‘re in your routine, work is usual, you don’t go out on a school night, everything is fine and dandy on the dieting front,

But the weekend comes,

The office is more relaxed so even more snacks make their way into the staff room,

Social events like hen do’s, date nights and drinks with the girls are a go,

You are off work so your routine is none existent,

None of this is bad, In anyway,

But you work so hard during the week to stick to your plan but then say ‘fuck it’ over the weekend and let it go to shit,

Hence being a wagon wobbler 😉

See what I did there,

The takeaways, the pub visits, the extra desserts are making your wagon topple harder then a juice plus client trying to stick to their plan past Tuesday,

But hey – all the social occasions are epic and will always be part of our daily life so we would never cut them out,

(PS if you have joined a diet, got a PT or coach and they say you aren’t allowed to do it – then leave, yesterday)

Moving along,

So we need to find a way where you can enjoy all the delights of alcohol and a day off without making our waist line have to pay,

Well this is where I can help,

Several methods I use with my ladies to make sure we lose the weight but also don’t wagon wobble, especially over the weekend,




If you have followed me for a while you will know I live by this when it comes to fat loss,

I honestly believe that ladies will waste calories on breakfast because of the stigma of ‘it’s speeds up your metabolism’ or it’s the most important meal of the day or the “I’ll eat now or I will raid the biscuit tin by 10am” even though we both know you do both 😉

but truth is, for a lot of you it is just wasted calories,

You’ll have porridge because it’s portrayed as healthy when it comes in at 400 calories with milk and fruit,

you’ll have granola, again portrayed as healthy when it comes in at 350 calories,

Or you may have a good, whole hearted, protein filled breakfast because the PT in your gym said so – again you are giving away 600 calories for the privilege,

At the end of the day it comes down to you, during the week it’s great because if it stops you going balls deep into the custard creams then crack on but over the weekend when the majority of calories are consumed later then it makes sense to save them,

For example today – we are going to the pub and then having a takeaway so for me late loading is on,

Ye I could have breakfast but its gonna take off around 500 calories from my day which ultimately means if I wanna stay on track I have 500 less left to play with tonight.




This is another tactic that works awesomely for fat loss,

Let’s say your deficit is 1800 calories, easy to stick to Monday – Thursday but as we know, one takeaway leads to a second bottle of wine and all hell breaks loose,

Calorie banking is perfect for those scheduled and unschedules events so you can plan ahead,

Your 1800 could turn into 1700 over Monday – Friday, you have saved 500 calories for the weekend which means on Saturday and Sunday you can hammer 2050 each day,

A few more to play with, they both equal 12600 over the week, you are just spending them at different times,

But remember this is a consistency game but if’s something that will work if you use it properly!




I don’t know about you but on a heavy weekend I will struggle to get off the couch let alone get a decent about of steps in, but here’s the vicious cycle, you don’t get off the couch, you are watching TV,  scrolling through IG but you are ultimately bored,

and what does boredom lead to ?

Eating – anything and everything,

So not only are you not burning calories by getting steps in, you are also consuming a fuck ton as well, plus walking means you are up and about aka not bored so you won’t mindlessly eat.




Ok I’m not saying you have to do a spin class – I mean that shit gives you saddle sore for days, plus do you even like it ?

If you did a class of some kind it burns calories and could give you extra to play with – the only issue with this is how accurate that is,

But what I always say is over estimate your meals out and under estimate the calories you burnt in a class – you can’t go wrong,

So when your Fitbit said you burnt 900 calories in spin at least half that!

You’ve had a good week of sticking to your plan and you wanna treat yourself and we also know 3500 calories is the difference between putting on a lb of fat or not,

But looking at in the long run,

Even if you go over your weekly allowance by 1000 it doesn’t mean fat gain straight away, but if you do it over time it soon will add up, 

Not to mention the motivation, the fact you have stuck to it all week, felt good, felt proud, felt like you can finally do this and when the weekend goes awol you feel like you keep having to start again each Monday,

Imagine it,

You’ve had a hell of a week (in a good way), hit your steps, smashed a couple of workouts, nailed your calories, you are feeling good so Friday you let lose a little bit,

I mean you deserve it right ?

but that rolls into Saturday and then into Sunday coz of hangover central and all of a sudden you feel disappointed, fat, heavy, and out of routine and thrown back to square 1 because of too many Mcnuggets,

You can have all the joys of weight loss, wine and Mcnuggets,

With a little bit of planning and implementing the tactics above you will have the best of both worlds when it comes to wine and weight loss!

Want something help with finally getting you the weight loss you want click here!

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You’ve had a really good week,

You have stuck to your calories , planned your meals, cut down on the wine and got your steps right up there,

Not gone to the gym yet – but that’s cool because you don’t need it for fat loss (yes really)

The excitement to step on those scales on Sunday is too much,

You are counting down the days because you just want to see that number change,

You’ve worked so hard and you are super proud that you have STUCK at it, for he first time in forever,

So many Mondays have started with ‘insert Diet name’ and by Tuesday you are crawling the walls because the juice / shake ‘insert diet name’ just isn’t cutting it,

You can’t even have one custard cream when the tin makes its way round the office,

So no wonder after 24 hours we are gonna sack it off,

But this week has been different – you have read a lot about calories and how they are the science to fat loss – true story bro, and the best part ? there is so much flexibility with your food,

You can spend your calories how you want so if that means 6 smaller meals out of Tupperware then great if it means one portion of slag Bol with garlic bread and a glass of wine in the evening then amazing,

It doesn’t matter, just as long as you stay within those numbers,

So this week has been tracking central,

Weighing stuff out, tracking it super accurately, everything down to the last gram,

You feel awesome, you feel less sluggish, you feel like you could take on the world,

But lost importantly you have a sense of pride because you have followed it through,

So Sunday rolls round and the anticipation on the scales is too much,

You wake up early to jump on, even with your slight hangover from the night before,

Ye the night took a turn and you were staggering down the road with cheesy chips in hand at 2am – but no fear as it was alllll tracked and logged.

You grab the scales – open up the notes in your phone to check what you were last Sunday ,

Like you could forget – you never want to see that number again right ?!

Last Sunday you were 14stone 10,

This Sunday you are ………. 14stone 11,

The actual

OMG how has this happened ?

A lb heavier – are there scales taking the fucking piss or what ?!

Fuck this – ‘opens deliveroo app and gets McDonald’s breakfast delivered’

And no, you didn’t track it because this plan, this diet , the process is wank,

Calories is the science to fat loss – fucking bullshit that is – I followed it and I’m a lb heavier,

No, dieting isn’t for me- I’m destined to be fat, actually no maybe it’s my genetics, ye that’s it, It’s not my fault , I’ll just have to accept I’ll be wearing a size 18 for the rest of my days,


How many times have you stood on those scales – after a week of trying super hard and it not working ……

Nothing changed and god forbid you got heavier ?

Then how many times have you said ‘fuck it before’ starting again …. the following Monday ?

Only problem with this though is your fuck it attitude has lead you to be heavier then when you first started,

It’s super common, but here’s the deal – calories are the science of fat loss,

Pure and simple,

And if you stick at your deficit you WILL lose fat , notice I said fat not necessarily weight,

Your weight consists of a lot of things and we will go through that later,

But there are several reasons why the scales are CAN BE wank, but here is why I still use them with my VIP ladies but also why you shouldn’t sack it off after a week,


Not sexy and really fucking boring – let me ask you this,

If you went on a date with someone and asked them at the end when you said your goodbyes “Will you marry me?”

We will take away from the fact you would probably get sectioned but they would bolt,

Relationships take consistent work – over time things develop and things happen , exactly the same as your diet,

Giving it one day or week and giving up is next level stupid,

Scales weight

When you stand on the scales it measures your weight, your relationship with gravity,

Your weight is not just fat / it consists of muscle, water, digested food (aka not been for a shit yet)

This is why using BMI to measure someones health is fucking ridiculous,

You have rugby players or boxers that weigh 18stone plus of pure muscle and they are classed as morbidly obese, take AJ for example 17stone 8 and not an ounce of wobble on him,

If you were to put a cup on a set of scales and weigh it, but then fill that cup with water the scales would go up because the cup is heavier,

Similar to you and water – don’t sweat it,


Plus water retention plays a MASSIVE part,

Water retention is where your body stores water – and if you have water in your body going back to the above example it will make you heavier,

A lot of things can lead to water retention – carbs, salt, stress, lack of sleep all major factors.

So if you weight is going a bit sque wiff then this is 9 times out of 10 the case give it a couple of days and it will balance itself out.

Dress sizes

We love to watch the numbers on the scales go down, it’s a great feeling, it makes us feel good and proud,

But not every week it will happen that is why using other ways to monitor your progress is a very good idea,

Dress size – how do your clothes feel? Find something in your wardrobe a little tight from the beginning try it on after a month or so,

Measurements – measure your hips / waist / arms / thighs etc take these measurements every week to see how things are moving forward,

Photos – daunting as fuck I know, but it’s the best way to see a physical change, two photos- one month apart and see the changes that way,

A lb of fat

Fun fact for you – did you know that a lb of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories,

That’s a lot right ? so for you to put on a lb of fat you would have had to have overeaten by 3500 calories,

Overeaten being the important phrase here – i’m not saying if you eat 3500 calories in one day you will put on a lb of fat, remember you burn calories daily as well even if you aren’t doing anything,

Eating that many calories OVER your maintenance, granted everyones is different so let’s say that your’s is 2000 if one day you ate 5500 calories then you would put on a lb of fat ROUGHLY,

That’s a lot of food right there,

Yet another reason why that lb you have out on is not likely to be fat.

Inevitably over time the number on the scales will go down as you lose fat,

But concentrating solely on that is why you keep losing motivation and saying fuck it,

Seriously, think about how many times you have stepped on the scales, it’s not said what you wanted after a solid week and you have said fuck this I’m not doing it – this doesn’t work….

5? 10? 20?

Take our story at the beginning, after readying through this it’s kinda obvious why the scales didn’t go down for her,

Yes she was in a deficit over the week but she ate late at night (cheesy chips) which were high in salt and carbs, she hadn’t had much sleep which all lead to water retention, hence the number on the scales,

If you are consistent things will happen,

But the number on the scales is letting you determine how happy you are with your body, it’s killing your results and ultimately making you fatter ,

If you must stand on the scales then do it,

But take it each morning and find the average of the week,

But I would really recommend using other methods to track how well you are doing,

The most unsexy thing about this whole weight loss shit is consistency,

Give it time and I mean longer then a week.

You’ll thank me in 2 months time



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So next week we are heading for a cheeky holiday, 

Not only are we wanting some winter sun and heat but it also happens to be my birthday over the week and what better way to spend it sat on a beach drinking local imported lager to your hearts content, 

We are going all inclusive for this break and I am just a little excited about the sheer amount of food and alcohol on offer but everyone is different when they go on holiday, 

Some people go for the local culture, 

Some people go for the history,

Some people go for the scenery, 

But we go for the sun, sea, swimming, food and drink…

To me that’s the best way to spend a holiday, 

But a lot of you will spend months (actually weeks) preparing for said holiday to arrive, 

Jump on to some crazy, restrictive, dust and tears diet to get you feeling just a little bit more confident in your bikini, 

Ye, I haven’t done that, we live above a dominoes and I love chocolate, what can I say, 

But the current dieting cycle of a women preparing for holiday is – 

Book holiday months in advance


Get excited and tell yourself you have ages to get ‘bikini ready’


Continue to eat like you do as time ticks by


Check calendar, shout FUCK, as you realise you only have 2 weeks to go


Quickly google quick diets to lose weight……..quick


Find one – pay – get it delivered – and go all in


be miserable as shit for the next 2 weeks, nearly shit yourself on more then one occasion due to said dietary product


Go on holiday – eat everything in sight barely move and put on a stone


Come back feel like a failure and ultimately a ‘fat whale’ but will start the cycle again next holiday

A holiday does not have to fuck up your results you got pre departure flight it doesn’t matter how you got them, 

Although you don’t need me to tell you that a fat burner diet is fucking moronic – but either way your choice and all that, 

But what if I told you that you didn’t need to be that person, 

You could lose weight SIMPLY, 

You could enjoy the chocolate and wine WITHOUT THE GUILT,

You could go on holiday and not come back feeling like a FAT WHALE, 

(FYI that was one of my VIP ladies words not mine!) 

You could go on holiday looking like a goddess without the restriction, 

and you could also keep said result without having to be ‘good’ on holiday, 

These hints are what I use on holiday, I will be doing it all next week and it’s what I get my ladies to follow when they go away, 

Now before you get all uppaty, you can go on holiday eat and drink whatever the fuck you want – it’s your break, 

But holidays are the number 1 reason people fall head first off the wagon, 

Its a number of days off plan, out of the usual day to day routine, food and drink are readily available in epic amounts and we love to not move on holiday, 

The gym – don’t be silly i’m on holiday, 

Walking ? don’t be an idiot i’m on holiday,

Swimming – nah i’m on holiday i’m just gonna chill out.

If you think about the amount of time it has taken you to get into this routine – think how quickly we can get out of it, 

And to be honest, if you are the type of lady that just diets for a holiday then does whatever the fuck she wants then this post really isn’t for you, 

This is for a bunch of ladies that want to enjoy their holiday but not put on any weight, 

Sounds good ?

then read on ………

Late Loading, 

Late Loading is absolute GOLD when it comes to dieting, 

If you don’t know what that is check out my posts on my page from before but it’s a way to eat your calories for the day in a smaller window,

So we wouldn’t eat until lunchtime, ultimately cutting out breakfast and start eating later in the day,

That way we aren’t eating 500 calories (actually 1000 calories on holiday) for the sake of it in the morning just because the buffet pastries look too tempting, 

So your calories would be eaten from 2pm – whenever rather then starting the eating convyer belt at 8am.

Maintenance calories

The calories you have worked out for fat loss is your deficit calories, so you would have worked out your maintenance and taken a bit off so you eat less then you burn, 

But on holiday there is no reason you could take that back up to maintenance calories so you are ROUGHLY eating the same as you burn so you should stay the same weight, 

Remember calories are all a guestimation and NOTHING is 100% accurate but it gives you extra calories to play with. 

The only issue there is the movement part, 

So when you work our your calories you take into account your steps, exercise, daily activities, work etc so that will change quite dramatically on holiday so something that you need to be aware of when working that out. 

For example if you work on your feet 9-5 you are going to be getting a fair few steps in which do burn calories, 

But on holiday we spend most of our time horizontal so won’t be burning as much meaning your maintenance will change. 


Steps are SOOOOOOOOO underrated when it comes to weight loss, not just on holiday but in everyday life, it’s not all gym workouts and spin classes because truth is just upping your steps can make a fuck ton of difference to your progress, 

So when you are away just get yourself moving a bit more then you usually would, 

Walk to the bar rather then rely on the waitress, 

Take the stairs to your room rather then the lift, 

Walk into town rather then take a taxi, 

Plenty of things you can do, but steps don’t feel difficult hence why they are almost forgotten about when it comes to weight loss. 

It will make a massive difference.

Plan ahead of time

Eye rolls galore, ‘I spend my whole adult life thinking about shit why do I want to plan when i’m on holiday’

Ye I get it, 


(This will depend on how long you are going for by the way)

Save up your calories pre time away, 

So if you are going away on Thursday for a long weekend, eat 200 calories less Monday – Wednesday and basically save them up of the week, 

You can drink a lot of wine with an EXTRA 600 calories to play with.

Holidays are EPIC, 

You have spent months saving up and weeks counting down the days and the same amount of time dieting,

But if you are one of the clever people that have got on plan before hand and are worried about ruining it while you go away then follow those steps, 

It will help, 

It will keep you going,

You will still enjoy your holiday but it won’t be an absolute nightmare to try and ‘get back on it’ when you return…

Here’s to an alcohol fuelled holiday of steps and gym workouts, 

Look out for the stories on my IG…..

4th February 2019by admin0

Social media is ruining your weight loss,

and before you say it, or click off, this isn’t gonna be your usual ‘Don’t compare your body to someone else’s’,

As much as that is true there is a much bigger problem with social media when it comes to your weight loss or lack of in this case, 

In fact, there are several problems and no I’m not gonna tell you that you need to spend less time on the gram or FB because that’s barbaric, I mean its 2019 for gods sake, who the hell would delete their account and get rid of the app to avoid temptation and avoid all conversations in the office about it just to lose a few pounds, 

Ye, I’m not a moron, I know that wouldn’t happen, 

But in order to lose the weight we have to look at social media as a place that is gonna confuse the fuck out of us, tempt us with shit we don’t need, lie to us, try to drag us down the discount code route and will also and most importantly completely fuck up our attempted weight loss,  

As a generation we will follow a lot of ladies who have, for want of a better word, a banging body – we use it as ‘fitspiration’ or some other wanky hashtag, we use it to try some weird functional exercise with a theraband and possibly a different way to use the leg press – I mean this chick has 200k followers it must be because she is a fitness and nutrition god, it can’t be because she has a discount code for Gymshark….

1 – These girls are on chapter 20 

Ok, so there is a small part where I wanna shake you and tell you to stop it, 

These ladies that you follow have been training for years, they have been eating well for years, they have been on IG for years – no one knew about them when they had just 200 followers,

Suddenly they are popular and because we have never seen them before we assume they got their transformation over night, 

Look how fit they look

Why doesn’t my stomach look like that

How do they get to look so slim and toned 

We will take away the fact that genetics have a part to play in the way people look so we can’t get hung up on that – there is fuck all we can do about genetics I’m afraid, 

But these ladies are on chapter 20 of their journey, you my friend are on chapter 1, in fact you haven’t even turned the cover, 

If it helps then definitely use them for inspiration, if it keeps you motivated then that’s awesome but if you find yourself just comparing yourself after week 1 then it’s not doing you any good. 

2 – Desperation

Weight loss is usually done out of desperation, you hate the way you look, you hate the way you feel, you hate the fact your favourite jeans now don’t go above your thighs, you hate the fact that you can’t look in the mirror anymore, you hate the fact you now hate shopping because it always involves rummaging at the back of the rail for the larger sizes, 

So with all this desperation comes  the want for your weight loss NOW, 

Cue Gemma Collins and Kylie Jenner – Boombod, Skinny coffee, Appetite suppressants, 

All that shit and guess what, not only does it give you instant weight loss, we will also give you a discount code (commission code) – absolute win right ? 

But when do the alarm bells start ringing for you ? 

I guess they don’t – because you have a pile of receipts from your purchases over the years, 

I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by telling you about photoshop, lighting, angles, and pulling leggings up to make the pictures look different, 

But you have to think about how those products made you feel before ? 

How long did you last ? 

How much food did it make you cut out ? 

How much of a miserable cow did it make you ? 

Do you still have the weight loss that you got ?

You don’t need me to tell you these products are wank – think about the above and that should be all the evidence you need to never buy them again, 

If you have never bought them before ………DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND SANITY. 

Your welcome, 

3. People can be assholes

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already realised, people really can be dicks, 

and social media is the best place for them to be an asshole, 

Lying about the products they use, 

Lying about the information they give, 

Lying about the advice they dish out, 

Wanna know why …? 

All for a bit of dollar – your dollar in fact, 

People want to sound different – they want to sound revolutionary – they want to sound like they have something new, 

Because that’s what you think you need – you think you have tried everything to lose weight, 

100% might feel like you have tried everything, you may also feel like you have been on a diet for your whole life – which is 80% of females by the way, 

but something new pops up on your timeline, something you haven’t tried, something you think will help and you’re hooked, 

That’s what I need,

You don’t, you really don’t, 

I’m gonna let you into a little secret – YOU DON’T NEED A PRODUCT FOR WEIGHT LOSS,

You don’t need anything, there is no magic pill ,shake, potion that will get a you a result as much as who bangs on about it, 

It all comes down to money and it is sickening, these ‘influencers’ have thousands of people they could help but instead they decide to talk absolute waffle and sell you horse shit for 10% commission,

The fact just this week the government and brining in some sort of law on celebrities trying to sell you weight loss fads is 100% a step in the right direction, 

Lets hope they don’t get paid off by Boombod to go quiet but in all seriousness, for someone in the industry who wants to help it’s disgusting the amount of absolute trollop on the inter web, social media in particular, 

It’s very easy for me to tell you it, 

But until you get a result without a product you won’t believe it, 

Start tracking your food, get in a deficit and the results will speak for themselves, 

4 – Too much conflicting information

Finally though, the most important one is the conflicting information, its leaves you more confused then ever…

Someone tells you that you shouldn’t eat carbs

Someone else says that carbs aren’t the problem

Someone tells you that weighing youself is silly

Someone else tells you that you have to do it

Someone tells you that avoacado is a superfood and burns fat,

Someone else tells you that its the cause of obesity

Someone tells you you must lift weight

Someone else says you don’t need to the gym

you see where i’m going with this ye ? 

It’s insane, 

Like, where do you ever begin, 

Where do I start, 

Who do I believe, 

If there are ‘fitpros’ arguing about the best diet what the fuck am I supposed to do, 

Truth is, too many fitpros will bang on about what works for them and their clients, 

For example me and my ladies will start with tracking and no gym workouts, 

It’s what works for my ladies but that being said each of them are different so we change it up based on them and their goals, 

but again, you will speak to another professional who will say you must workout to lose weight but that is what has worked for them and their clients, 

so rather then gathering more information on the ‘best way to lose weight’ 

Look at your food, 

Straight up, that’s the best place to start, 

Track what’s going in and go from there, 

If you are in a deficit you WILL lose weight,

How you get in that deficit is up to you but ultimately it needs to be in a way that is congruent with YOUR lifestyle and YOUR current routine, 

Social media is a massive part of our lives, we will always watch, read and be part of it, 

But when it comes to your weight loss it is having detrimental effects rather then positive ones….

If something worked for you before and you could see yourself doing it for a number of months to keep seeing results, 

Then go back to that, do it again, it worked before so will work again, 

Don’t get caught up in the social media bollocks

Don’t get caught up in the buzz of fad bullshit

Don’t compare yourself to someone else who is on chapter 20, 

If you are fed up of the bullshit on social media and want that results you have been trying to get for what feels like years then let’s chat….

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When starting on a plan we all want to see a result immediately, why wouldn’t we ?

We have spent years yo yo ing and playing around with diets thinking that that counts as ‘trying’ (giving it 24 hours isn’t trying by the way)

So it feels like you have been on a diet for ages when really you have been playing around and been fucking miserable in the process,

Like your other half or work colleagues know that you are on a diet because you are proper hangry, you see the whispers round the office “Don’t speak to Kirsty she’s in a foul mood – it must be the new diet”

When I speak with ladies it almost turns into a running joke – I will ask what diets that have tried before and it always starts with a humorous “What haven’t I tried….”

That right there is the problem,

You have tried what feels like everything and it has got to the point where you are desperate but that’s where the dieting cycle gets worse,

Because you fall for the – 

“Get results like this in just 7 days”

“All you need to do is take this drink – I can’t believe it works”

“Look at me here (leggings rolled down) I can’t believe how fat I got and then when *insert shitty fad diet came into my life look at the difference (leggings pulled up), I feel so much better”

And there is a reason why the ladies promoting these products happen to have thousands of IG followers,

Followers that trust them, look up to them, and believe what they say is true – perfect recipe for sales,

Overweight, desperate 20 something who has tried everything + Geordie shore IG famous, owns a pair of leggings has thousands of followers who trust her + Shit weight loss detox bullshit = a fuck ton of sales.

So naturally when you have fallen for this every time you are skeptical of starting again, trying something that might actually work,

You scroll through FB and see old school friends looking fit in their lycra and wonder why you can’t do it,

Truth is all of the above is STOPPING you getting the result you deserve,



1. Being gullible to the latest diets.

You have been in this position so many times, It’s a normal Monday thing now right …?

Monday morning you start a diet, no matter what it is but you go into Monday full of excitement like a Slimming world attendee who has been told they have 8 syns for the day instead of 6,

You skip into the office, pull out said shake, juice, smoothie, pill and wait for people to ask what it is you are trying…

Naturally the questions come and you tell them which reality celeb was promoting it so it must work because why would they lie right 😉

You stick to it Monday – holy shit this diet is a breeze – you even start looking online for the new bikini you will wear in summer when you have lost the weight,

Tuesday rolled on but we are struggling, morning was fine, but at lunch your work ladies are going to the tapas down the road, but that isn’t included in “just drink this juice and nothing else” so you decline,

Sat at your desk you can hear your stomach growling through the sound of everyone else tapping and talking away,

The diet quickly goes from ‘this is the best’ to ‘this is fucking dog shit’

On the way home you stop off at the shop, grab garlic bread, lasagne, a bottle of wine and a massive bar of galaxy,

you can’t wait to tuck in but as soon as you have finished you feel guilty, upset, angry at yourself because yet again you have failed at a diet,

You spend the rest of the week eating whatever you want, Friday and Saturday are the usual piss ups, Sunday = all the beige food before googling another diet to get cracking with on Monday,

This is the cycle a lot of ladies have EVERY, SINGLE. WEEK.

There has to get to a point where we stop falling for this shit,

All the promises and these products don’t deliver but truth is they never will, no matter how much you wanna believe them.



2.Fear of Failure 

You have been on so many shit diets before and you have got to the point where you literally feel like nothing can work,

Every diet you start and fail and you just can’t seem to stick at it,

You blame it on yourself,

Why does it work for all those other ladies but not me,

It not just harms you physically and by harm we mean putting on weight week after week, month after month,

but psychologically, low on confidence, low on self esteem, low on motivation and feeling low in yourself,

Part of it is anger at yourself because you fell for the bullshit dieting fadness again,

and partly because you blame yourself for not being stronger and sticking at it,

Why would you wanna feel like that again …?

So after so many attempts you are gonna be skeptical about trying another diet and going through the hell again,

There are plans though that WILL work and won’t leave you feeling like this – promise.



3. What will other people think

It’s almost turned into a running joke in your office right ? ha look at Kirsty on another diet again – what is it this time ?

Then suddenly everyone in the office is a qualified nutritionist offering their advice and input so not only does it leave you doubting the plan you are on but it also confuses you even more,

Every Monday they ask you what diet you are gonna attempt “Are you gonna stick to it unlike the last one”

It doesn’t exactly make you feel a million dollars does it,

A bit of support wouldn’t go a miss would it…

But when you learn the right way to ‘diet’ they will be asking you HOW you did it….



4. Being to hard on yourself

Even if you don’t pick a plan so to speak, ladies can be super tough on themselves but unfortunately it just means the same when it comes to the expiry date,

The industry has lead us to believe there are good and bad foods,

Good foods make us slim and healthy and bad foods make us fat and unhappy,

Ye, welcome back to 1997,

Of course there are foods that are more nutrient dense but when it comes to your fat loss, which is what I specialise in, it’s a simple matter of calories,

So when you want to lose fat you will initially cut out all the food we think is bad,

Chips, chocolate, takeaways, alcohol and anything else that is nice because we believe they are super high in calories – again part true part not,

We assume that dieting should be hard, it should feel like a punishment and if it’s not hard then it won’t work,

So when I tell my VIP ladies that they can include all this and lose weight they think i’m crazy,

But you cutting it out, something that has been part of your normal life forever is tough,

It’s like asking a 40 a day smoker to quit straight away – it’s not gonna happen,

Just like you trying to cut out all alcohol and carbs when you have consumed it all the time (obviously not accusing you of alcoholism)

Fat loss is a simple equation of calories in calories out,

If you were in a calorie deficit eating just Haribo you will lose fat – but common sense will prevail when your body hates you for it,

But just to give you some clarity…

Fat loss can be super simple – check out free Ditch the Diet Cheatsheet showing you the exact steps I use with my VIP ladies to get them not just weight loss, but giving them the tools to never have to start a diet again. 

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I can’t afford it,

This is something I hear so much when it comes to ladies losing fat,

and it’s not just when it comes to hiring help,

It’s from buying fresh food,

Joining a gym,

Attending a weight loss club,

Buying supplements,


Now, I get it money can be tight at times,

Without sounding like my gran, but back in the day you could buy a Freddo for 10p now the fucker has gone up to twenty something,

Absolute liberty if you ask me,

But either way things are getting more expensive and some people live day to day really struggling to make ends meet,

And when it comes to shopping it can be a lot more expensive to eat healthier,

A punnet of grapes is £2.30 when I went to Asda earlier,

Yet I could purchase a large bottle of coke, a family bag of Doritoes and a family size bar of Galaxy for the same amount,

and they wonder why we have an obesity crisis,

Ok, enough with putting the worlds to right about Freddo’s and crisps,

Back to you and your excuses,

because that’s what it is, another excuse,

I can’t afford that,

Thats’ too expensive,

It’s how much …?

These are all objections but see you will say that when it comes to your gym or PT,

But when it comes to a handbag that you already have 5 of – it’s “Only £140 that’s a bargain”

When it comes to that night out – “I can’t really afford it but i’ll find the money from somewhere”

When it comes to buying meal deals every day – “I didn’t have time to make my lunch so i’ll just grab this meal deal” £15 a week equals £60 a month – but you don’t need me to tell you that 😉

When it comes to your friends birthday – “I must get a new outfit, new shoes, new top and new jeans”

We will always find money for that,


But your health, fitness and the way you look will not be a priority for you,

You speak about it 15 times a day,

I guarantee you have spoke to at least one person in your office today about how you shouldn’t eat this or how much weight you need to lose,

You think about your weight 100 times a day,

Again, I can guarantee you have thought about how you look in the last 5 minutes,

You look at yourself in the mirror this morning and saw flaws, things you wanna change, the fat you want to lose,

You are stuck wearing the same black top that covers your arms at work because you are too self conscious to have your arms bare,

yet you still tell yourself that ‘help’ is too expensive,

and that you can’t afford it,

my personal favourite is when people say they can’t afford it yet their IG stories are full or nights out every weekend,


2 things,

1 – You don’t actually need any products, healthy food, gym memberships or supplements to lose weight,

2 – You don’t need to spend any money on that stuff because you can be in a CD without it,

So it leads me to believe it’s another reason,

A deeper reason as to why you don’t wanna do it,


Are you scared to fail ?

You have hired help before and they were the biggest ball bag ever ?

They didn’t deliver what they promised in your consultation so you are apprehensive about trying again…I get it, I have been there,

I once paid for a PT who promised me the world about 12 years ago,

Now being younger I was probably more naive but for the money I paid I thought I would get more then just shuttle runs on the park football pitch,

Waste of money right there,

Plus you have tried a fuck ton of diets,

Whats the point in trying again,

It leaves you fed up, frustrated and guilty plus you are actually heavier then when you first started…

Why would you go through that shit again….?


But on the other hand are you scared to succeed ?

Imagine what you have thought about when it comes to your fat loss,

The way you want to look,

The dress you want to fit into,

The shape that starts to appear in your waist and arms,

The number on the back of your jeans starting to go down,

The difference that your colleagues notice week to week,


You have thought about that for what feels like years right ?

Failed new years resolution after failed new years resolution,

What if all that was to go and you can finally look in the mirror and smile,

Scary right ?


Are you scared of what others will think?

I read a very interesting post from another PT the other day and it was about one of his clients who has transformed their body,

and her colleagues and friends turned round and said she was on the borderline of an eating disorder,

This was her friends,

Jesus christ,

This is jealously, pure and simple,

They haven’t got the commitment, drive, willpower, hard workness (not a word) to do what she did so they tell her she’s gone too far,

What will my family and friends think when I say I don’t want dessert ?

Will they laugh at me when I say I’m trying to lose weight ?

Will they snigger and sarcastically ask “again?” ?

What will they say when I tell them I’m going to the gym instead of going for a drink after work ?

Too many people dictate what we think and what we do,

Far. Too. Many. People.

It’s your body and your results,

Fuck ‘em.


Are you worried it will be another thing to try and fit in ?

We all lead busy lives,

Work, Family, Kids and that’s without trying to hold down some sort of social life.

How could you possibly include healthy eating and workouts in an already crammed schedule,

Ye, alright,

We have 24 hours day (in case you didn’t know)

You work for 10 of those,

Sleep for 8 max,  (some of you will eye roll and say I wish)

What are you doing with the rest of the hours ?


and you know what the best part is ?

You don’t need to workout to lose fat,

I can bet some of you don’t even need a gym membership or too find an hour, four times a week to workout,

Because right now,

At the start of your journey,

You don’t need it,

Calories and steps are all you need to worry about right now,

Not a lot of time commitment there,


So money is always the easiest excuse,

Because no one will question you about it,

That would make them an asshole,

So that’s why you use it,

It’s not because of your financial situation for 95% of you,

It’s one of the other reasons above,

But you know that you will use money because –

A – You won’t use it because someone will question you,


B – If you said it out loud you would sound proper stupid, 

Wouldn’t you though ?

“Ye I can’t lose the fat I have wanted to lose for the last 75 years right now because I work 5 hours a day and I just can’t commit to it right now”


STOP with the shitty excuses,

STOP blaming it on your financial situation,

I could turn round and say “Can you afford not to do something about your health?”

It’s proper cliche,

But truthfully you just wanna lose your muffin top and bingo wings, being ‘healthy’ isn’t top of your list of goals,

Thats something you need to work on for YOU,

Money will always be a factor, I get that,

But if you think of it like an investment – an investment into you,

Then not only will you make it worth it,

The rewards will be second to none.


To get you started there is a free cheatsheet below. 

No financial investment involved just a little bit of time – you can afford that 😉

Fat Loss cheatsheet

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ALL diets are the same,

Every diet that you have tried that has left you losing weight has done the same job as all the others,

Slimming world,

Weight watchers,


Skinny coffee,

Juice plus,


Carb Free,


If they have ‘worked’ for you then they have done one important job,

Left you in a calorie deficit,

That’s it,

But my favourite one from the list is carb free,

We have all tried it,

I know I have,

Well I say tried, I don’t know if you would call half a day a valiant effort,

That was all I could stick to it for, just a few measly hours,

If anything it left me more pissed off with myself and you know what I did ? ate an entire dominoes pizza and family size bag of revels,

Carb fucking heaven,

After polishing it off with no issue I then spent the evening scrolling through the next diet I could start tomorrow,

It became a vicious circle,

Try diet – fail diet – be upset and binge…..rinse and repeat

For literally years,

See, we will always look at carbs as the culprit,

It’s the one thing that is stopping us losing the muffin top and feeling fire in our bikini,

I get it,

Carbs are the bread, pasta and pizza or the world,

In other words the thing we consume the most of – sometimes without even realising it…..

Crisps, Sweets, biscuits, chips, potatoes and everything else,

Have a think…..

How much of that do you eat on a regular basis?

How much carbs do you consume day to day?

We have all heard the wanky term ‘no carbs before marbs’


but granted if you were to cut out carbs then you would see results IF you were in a calorie deficit,

But why would we cut out the one thing we eat a lot of during our day ?

That would mean we would be eating completely differently ?

Trying to make new habits with new foods over night ?

Attempting to cut out 90% of your current diet at the click of your fingers ?

Come on now ladies, you don’t need me to tell you that is pretty moronic,

But that doesn’t mean i don’t understand where you are coming from,

You want results yesterday so you will cut out the one thing that you think the problem is,

I’ll give you a clue – carbs aren’t your problem,

If you are over weight it’s not because you eat croissants for breakfast – it’s because you had 3 which came to 600 calories which meant you were in a surplus for the day.

It’s not because you had chips last night – it’s because you had 3 servings coming in at 800 calories which meant you were in a surplus for the day,

It’s not because you ate that entire dominoes pizza to yourself – it’s because you ate the whole thing coming in at 1600 calories which meant you were in a surplus for the day,

And you know what else ?

If you did any of those things once of twice you wouldn’t get fat,

It’s because you do it every fucking weekend when you are hungover,

Now, I am in know way a boring dickhead coach who says broccoli and fucking kale are the only ways to lose fat,

But sometimes we gotta look at ourselves and how much we are eating,

Not blame it on the stuff that tastes good,

Pizza tastes fucking immense so I must cut it for fat loss,

Chips are the one so I must cut them out for fat loss,

My favourite chippy tea tastes next level which means I need to cut it out for fat loss,

We assume that on a diet we have to be miserable,

We have to be boring and eat tasteless shit,

Everything must be green and absolutely not deep fried,

This could not be further from the truth,

and this is why carbs HAVE to be part of your fat loss plan,

They aren’t the problem to your lack of results plus you fucking love them – absolute winner right ?

So why would we cut them out…?

We are gonna keep them part of our daily food – that way we haven’t deprived ourselves which will ultimately leave us to binge later down the line,

Here’s what you are gonna do,

Track what you had yesterday,

Don’t cheat,

Now I’m gonna guess a lot of it was made up of carbs…..

You can find this out in the ‘macro’ section of your food tracker but ultimately that doesn’t matter,

What matters is how many calories it came to ?

Lets say your maintenance calories are 1800 (this is the amount of calories roughly you would eat per day to stay the same weight)

and let’s say you ate 2100 calories and it was all made up of carbs,

The fact that you have eaten 300 OVER your maintenance is the issue you are putting on weight not the fact that it was 100% of your food was beige goodness,

You get me ?

If you had eaten 2100 calories of kale, spinach and fucking celery you still would have put on weight because it is over your maintenance,

So remember you can enjoy being on a diet,

You can enjoy being on a plan that helps you see results,

You just don’t believe that at the moment because all the plans you have tried have been wank….

For want of a better word,

Dieting can be super hard for females,

Males as well, but let’s stay on point,

I used to work in a restaurant and nearly every table I went to – at some point over the night they would be talking about what diet they are on or how they have to lose weight,

I even had one lady order just a chicken breast and broccoli when the rest of the table had pizza,

(I did warn her against it because not only was she getting robbed price wise but the chicken was dry as fuck without a cheese sauce on it!)

But she went with it and looked miserable as sin, especially as she only had a tap water to wash it down with,

But again, we are on a diet that we think we can’t have pizza or any of the other joys of an Italian restaurant,

I mean fair play to her, going into any restaurant and not ordering any sort of bread deserves a virtual high five,

anyhow, straying away from the point,

She did it because she wanted results NOW, so cut out everything ‘nice’ to try and get there as quick as possible,

And the worst thing is, I can bet you a tenner she fell off the wagon pretty soon after she paid nearly £18 for dry chicken and broccoli,

I don’t want you to be like her,

I want you to still be making smart choices and still dropping fat weeks down the line , not letting it be a few hours flash in the pan,

So track the shit out of your food,

If you are in your deficit CONSISTENTLY you will see fat loss results,

Wether you’re eating kale, spinach, pizza or fucking Haribo,


As a little bit of extra help here is our top 5 recipes of carb fuelled dinners that are decent on the calories and let’s you have all the things you didn’t think were ‘allowed’ when it comes to dieting.

Click here to get yours 👊🏻

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So in the UK there is a program called The Great British Bake Off,

Depending where you are in the world you know doubt would have heard of it, 

It’s a competition where each week the contestants have to bake a dessert of some sort and the judges vote for the best one with people being eliminated as the show progresses, 

I gotta admit, I’ve never really been caught up in the hype of it, 

But for some it’s a weekly ritual that they watch without fail, 

Now, today, this show took criticism,

Which is rare because a lot of people go acca over this program, 

Like have GBBO parties and I also think it’s because it’s British, 

I mean they cook in a tent for gods sake,

Like it’s hardly upper class is it, 

But the word British in the title sky rockets it in the class table,


There were two people then went on ‘This Morning’ (another british daytime program)

and these people said that the GBBO is fuelling the obesity crisis that is sweeping Britian, 

Yes really, 

Are they fucking serious ? 

Their argument was that the GBBO should come with a Health Warning for fat people,

His words, not mine,

His slogan was – ‘If you’re fat think before you slice’

ye, alright mate,

You absolute bellend,

He said that when you see the cakes being made your senses start to go and the first thing you do is run to the fridge,


But what in gods name is a health warning going to do,

We need to get to the route of the problem,

The people who are over weight have an issue with food,

Pure and simple,

and yet again we are giving them something to blame their lack of weight loss and obesity on,

It’s not the fact there is a baking program on the TV, once a week for a few weeks,

That isn’t the problem,

We have a bad relationship with food,

Use the food as a comfort for things that have gone wrong (which is normal by the way),

Feeling guilty about eating such and such so eat more of it to make us feel better,

Convenience, calorific foods are ten times cheaper then the healthy shit,

There is too much information on the internet to confuse us,

All that info contradicts each other,

There are too many companies and people praying on peoples vulnerability and selling shit, quick fixes that don’t work, 

There are far too many uneducated people that are ‘helping’ people,

These are the main issues with the obesity crises in Britain,

not the fact that feel good programs like the GBBO should come with a health warning,

I wouldn’t say there is a way to fix it,

But we can all start by addressing the real issue – which is a lot of peoples relationship with food,

And the fact we want to undo years of bad eating and zero activity in just a sip of a shake or a joining of a gym,

It’s not a bad thing that we all look for a quick fix though,

We would do wouldn’t we,

Like if someone said to use –

“Lose your mum tum in just 2 weeks with this simple fat loss shake”


“ok we need to look at your calories – how we can make small changes this is a long term goal but we can def get you there”

You would pick option 1 all day long,

It’s quick,

It sounds easy,

and it targets that one area you want,

Mate, it’s cling film but they have sold it to use a inch loss wraps…..

Come on,

I can help you in terms of calling out the shit and offering you simple advice,

But ultimately you just gotta use a bit of common sense,

As i say we will always look for the easy option – but we have to stop being so gullible and ultimately stop blaming our lack of results on other factors,

I can see it now – you’re sat with your friends at dinner tonight,

The convo of weight loss and diets always seems to crop up,

I worked in a restaurant for 4 years so heard it all from relationship issues, kids that needed rehoming and the golden subject of diets,


You will say – “haha you hear that story on This Morning about that guy blaming GBBO for the obesity crises,

Ye that’s my problem – lol lol lol”

Easy to laugh about it – isn’t it,

Not so easy when you took 2 hours to get ready for the dinner because nothing fit,

Not so easy when you laddered your tights trying to pull them up to your bra to hide your belly,

Not so easy when you had to wear the same pair of black leggings you always wear,

Harsh ?

Possibly, but i know these are daily struggles that so many ladies struggle with,

How do I know ?

1 – I have been there,

2 – I work with ladies everyday – helping them overcome those exact obstacles,

So do me a favour, in fact two,

STOP using a program and what some douchebag presenter thinks about your favourite program,

The media can be a cruel mistress,

and sway our opinion MASSIVELY,

Which leads us to confusion AND procrastination,

Procrastination means fuck all results


Stop falling for shit, gullible, money grabbing fuckwits who don’t give a shit about your results or lack of in this case,

Play the long game – I promise you will be worth it.

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Slimming world,

Wonderful, wonderful slimming world,

Where to begin,

I would say today but unless you are reading this literally today it’s gonna make no sense,

But Slimming world have just changed their protocol shall we say,

They have changed some of their foods,

Now if you aren’t aware of Slimming world – um, where have you been,

But they are a weight loss club that you attend every week to get weighed in and they have a somewhat weird way to teach you about food,

They have foods that are ‘free’

and they have foods that are ‘syns’

Depending on your weight loss will determine how many syns you are allowed over the course of the day,

and you basically spend them how ever you like,

So for example a free food would be pasta, potatoes and fruit,

Ye fucking pasta is free,

we will get on to that later,

and then syn foods are everything else,

So for example a jaffa cake has 2.5 syns and a glass of wine has got 6 syns,

and today that includes muller lites and many others,

Just wanna clear up the fact that muller lites yesterday were 89 calories and today they are still 89 calories so that hasn’t changed.

So where to begin,

I think SW is great if you are extremely over weight,

If you have a lot of weight to lose and have built up some pretty shit habits with your eating over the last few years then SW is great,

It gives you something to focus on,

It gives you a little bit of accountability,

It gives you some support and social interaction,

It also gives you some structure,

So of course the weight will start to come off,

and that will do absolute wonders to your confidence and motivation to continue,

You could lose stones in fact and that has the ability to absolutely change your life,

But then what happens……

One day you will go and the scales won’t change,


You could put it down to a bad week,

Maybe you could put it down to the takeaway you had on Saturday,

Or maybe it was because you missed that workout on Wednesday,

Then the motivation can very quickly go wayward and you my friend could be back at square 1 very fucking quickly,

Did you know only 5% of slimming world attendees have kept off the weight they lost 12-24 months down the line,

That is a fucked up statistic right there,

Like 5%,

What the fuck happened to the other 95% ?

I can take a guess…


No Education

There is no teaching about the one little bit of info you need when it comes to fat loss,


You have syns, free and healthy extras food,

No mention of the energy in foods that makes the whole fucking difference,

and the fact that pasta is ‘free’ is kinda crazy,

A 100g portion of pasta is 148 calories but is ‘free’

but 3 jaffa cakes is 138 calories yet would be 7.5 syns.

That makes zero sense,

There is no education as to what people do for a lifestyle change,

It’s another diet that people stick to and fall off off very quickly before they join up again in January,

PLUS They are doing your weight not fat,

Weight is made up of water, muscle and fat so when the scales change, is it fat you have put on or weight – there is no education for that,

It’s just leaves the teacher (or whatever that are called) looking at you with a disappointed look a condescendingly saying “what could you do better for next week”



No exercise

Apparently, I’m not a fan of that word as I like to give you guys actual facts,


Apparently SW say no to exercise,

God knows why,

Could it be because you will drink more water after a workout so will be ‘heavier’ which means your SW plan technically isn’t working ?

Could it be because all you eat is pasta ?

Could it be because they don’t want you to tone up (build muscle) which could make you heavier ?

Who knows – but that is horse shit,

There is so many mental benefits for exercise that from a psychological point of you help a crazy amount,



You get weighed in

The scales – those fucked up pieces of glass that you continue to stand on,

I have had clients before that have gone to extreme lengths just for those scales to change,

Like really extreme,

No drinking, No eating and there was a laxative involved at one time,

That is really sad,

1 – Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day which will have nothing to do with actually how you ate,

2 – Your mental health can take a nose dive, you feel confident because you have lost weight, you feel fucking fire because you are getting compliments and you feel high as a kite because you are noticing results,

But one Wednesday evening you go and the scales don’t change – what does that do to your mood ?

3 – Eating a lot of carbs leads to water retention which leads to heaviness – you think it’s fat but it’s just weight and will balance itself out,



Syn foods

Calling certain foods syns is all sorts of wrong,

You are telling people what they are eating is a syn,

A syn means law breaking,

So you are a criminal for eating some jaffa cakes,

Are you for real….?

Taking a side from the fact your being a criminal, it gives you such a bad relationship with food,

You are seeing foods as good and bad,

What are we 6 years old ?

We can have foods that are more nutrient dense….

We can have foods that are lower in calories….

We can have foods that taste fucking epic but are usually higher in calories…..

None of them are good or bad,

So we really need to stop calling foods syns – you are not a criminal for having a glass of wine,

It brings a whole load of guilt when you call it that as well,

You’re sat crying into your maltesers because you are breaking your SW rules and regulations

Ye alright mate……


Just like any diet out there, SW can ‘work’ for you,

But when we are looking to make a massive change we are also wanting to make a sustainable change WITH the education to make it a lifestyle choice,

Which will give you results constantly without feeling like you are really trying,

This, for me and for my clients is the BEST way to see results…..

Like any diet, take everything into consideration but please do not use the scales – they will fuck you off big time.