Are you a wagon wobbler…?

22nd March 2019by admin0

Are you a weekend wobbler ?

Random question right and what the actual fuck is a wagon wobbler…..?

Cracking question,

Funny story though – I woke up randomly on Friday morning, it was 3.40am and I needed a wee and suddenly the phrase wagon wobbler came to me,

Random I know,

I have the most random ideas sometimes and it’s usually never when i’m in work mode, that’s frustrating but either way,

So ye what is a wagon wobbler…

We have all heard the phrase fallen off the wagon, which refers to failing a diet,

Oh ye I fell off the wagon – again,

Oh ye things were going so well but then I feel off the wagon and ate shit for the entire weekend,

Monday – Thursday we can stick to a diet,

It’s pretty easy right ? you‘re in your routine, work is usual, you don’t go out on a school night, everything is fine and dandy on the dieting front,

But the weekend comes,

The office is more relaxed so even more snacks make their way into the staff room,

Social events like hen do’s, date nights and drinks with the girls are a go,

You are off work so your routine is none existent,

None of this is bad, In anyway,

But you work so hard during the week to stick to your plan but then say ‘fuck it’ over the weekend and let it go to shit,

Hence being a wagon wobbler 😉

See what I did there,

The takeaways, the pub visits, the extra desserts are making your wagon topple harder then a juice plus client trying to stick to their plan past Tuesday,

But hey – all the social occasions are epic and will always be part of our daily life so we would never cut them out,

(PS if you have joined a diet, got a PT or coach and they say you aren’t allowed to do it – then leave, yesterday)

Moving along,

So we need to find a way where you can enjoy all the delights of alcohol and a day off without making our waist line have to pay,

Well this is where I can help,

Several methods I use with my ladies to make sure we lose the weight but also don’t wagon wobble, especially over the weekend,




If you have followed me for a while you will know I live by this when it comes to fat loss,

I honestly believe that ladies will waste calories on breakfast because of the stigma of ‘it’s speeds up your metabolism’ or it’s the most important meal of the day or the “I’ll eat now or I will raid the biscuit tin by 10am” even though we both know you do both 😉

but truth is, for a lot of you it is just wasted calories,

You’ll have porridge because it’s portrayed as healthy when it comes in at 400 calories with milk and fruit,

you’ll have granola, again portrayed as healthy when it comes in at 350 calories,

Or you may have a good, whole hearted, protein filled breakfast because the PT in your gym said so – again you are giving away 600 calories for the privilege,

At the end of the day it comes down to you, during the week it’s great because if it stops you going balls deep into the custard creams then crack on but over the weekend when the majority of calories are consumed later then it makes sense to save them,

For example today – we are going to the pub and then having a takeaway so for me late loading is on,

Ye I could have breakfast but its gonna take off around 500 calories from my day which ultimately means if I wanna stay on track I have 500 less left to play with tonight.




This is another tactic that works awesomely for fat loss,

Let’s say your deficit is 1800 calories, easy to stick to Monday – Thursday but as we know, one takeaway leads to a second bottle of wine and all hell breaks loose,

Calorie banking is perfect for those scheduled and unschedules events so you can plan ahead,

Your 1800 could turn into 1700 over Monday – Friday, you have saved 500 calories for the weekend which means on Saturday and Sunday you can hammer 2050 each day,

A few more to play with, they both equal 12600 over the week, you are just spending them at different times,

But remember this is a consistency game but if’s something that will work if you use it properly!




I don’t know about you but on a heavy weekend I will struggle to get off the couch let alone get a decent about of steps in, but here’s the vicious cycle, you don’t get off the couch, you are watching TV,  scrolling through IG but you are ultimately bored,

and what does boredom lead to ?

Eating – anything and everything,

So not only are you not burning calories by getting steps in, you are also consuming a fuck ton as well, plus walking means you are up and about aka not bored so you won’t mindlessly eat.




Ok I’m not saying you have to do a spin class – I mean that shit gives you saddle sore for days, plus do you even like it ?

If you did a class of some kind it burns calories and could give you extra to play with – the only issue with this is how accurate that is,

But what I always say is over estimate your meals out and under estimate the calories you burnt in a class – you can’t go wrong,

So when your Fitbit said you burnt 900 calories in spin at least half that!

You’ve had a good week of sticking to your plan and you wanna treat yourself and we also know 3500 calories is the difference between putting on a lb of fat or not,

But looking at in the long run,

Even if you go over your weekly allowance by 1000 it doesn’t mean fat gain straight away, but if you do it over time it soon will add up, 

Not to mention the motivation, the fact you have stuck to it all week, felt good, felt proud, felt like you can finally do this and when the weekend goes awol you feel like you keep having to start again each Monday,

Imagine it,

You’ve had a hell of a week (in a good way), hit your steps, smashed a couple of workouts, nailed your calories, you are feeling good so Friday you let lose a little bit,

I mean you deserve it right ?

but that rolls into Saturday and then into Sunday coz of hangover central and all of a sudden you feel disappointed, fat, heavy, and out of routine and thrown back to square 1 because of too many Mcnuggets,

You can have all the joys of weight loss, wine and Mcnuggets,

With a little bit of planning and implementing the tactics above you will have the best of both worlds when it comes to wine and weight loss!

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