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11th February 2019by admin0

So next week we are heading for a cheeky holiday, 

Not only are we wanting some winter sun and heat but it also happens to be my birthday over the week and what better way to spend it sat on a beach drinking local imported lager to your hearts content, 

We are going all inclusive for this break and I am just a little excited about the sheer amount of food and alcohol on offer but everyone is different when they go on holiday, 

Some people go for the local culture, 

Some people go for the history,

Some people go for the scenery, 

But we go for the sun, sea, swimming, food and drink…

To me that’s the best way to spend a holiday, 

But a lot of you will spend months (actually weeks) preparing for said holiday to arrive, 

Jump on to some crazy, restrictive, dust and tears diet to get you feeling just a little bit more confident in your bikini, 

Ye, I haven’t done that, we live above a dominoes and I love chocolate, what can I say, 

But the current dieting cycle of a women preparing for holiday is – 

Book holiday months in advance


Get excited and tell yourself you have ages to get ‘bikini ready’


Continue to eat like you do as time ticks by


Check calendar, shout FUCK, as you realise you only have 2 weeks to go


Quickly google quick diets to lose weight……..quick


Find one – pay – get it delivered – and go all in


be miserable as shit for the next 2 weeks, nearly shit yourself on more then one occasion due to said dietary product


Go on holiday – eat everything in sight barely move and put on a stone


Come back feel like a failure and ultimately a ‘fat whale’ but will start the cycle again next holiday

A holiday does not have to fuck up your results you got pre departure flight it doesn’t matter how you got them, 

Although you don’t need me to tell you that a fat burner diet is fucking moronic – but either way your choice and all that, 

But what if I told you that you didn’t need to be that person, 

You could lose weight SIMPLY, 

You could enjoy the chocolate and wine WITHOUT THE GUILT,

You could go on holiday and not come back feeling like a FAT WHALE, 

(FYI that was one of my VIP ladies words not mine!) 

You could go on holiday looking like a goddess without the restriction, 

and you could also keep said result without having to be ‘good’ on holiday, 

These hints are what I use on holiday, I will be doing it all next week and it’s what I get my ladies to follow when they go away, 

Now before you get all uppaty, you can go on holiday eat and drink whatever the fuck you want – it’s your break, 

But holidays are the number 1 reason people fall head first off the wagon, 

Its a number of days off plan, out of the usual day to day routine, food and drink are readily available in epic amounts and we love to not move on holiday, 

The gym – don’t be silly i’m on holiday, 

Walking ? don’t be an idiot i’m on holiday,

Swimming – nah i’m on holiday i’m just gonna chill out.

If you think about the amount of time it has taken you to get into this routine – think how quickly we can get out of it, 

And to be honest, if you are the type of lady that just diets for a holiday then does whatever the fuck she wants then this post really isn’t for you, 

This is for a bunch of ladies that want to enjoy their holiday but not put on any weight, 

Sounds good ?

then read on ………

Late Loading, 

Late Loading is absolute GOLD when it comes to dieting, 

If you don’t know what that is check out my posts on my page from before but it’s a way to eat your calories for the day in a smaller window,

So we wouldn’t eat until lunchtime, ultimately cutting out breakfast and start eating later in the day,

That way we aren’t eating 500 calories (actually 1000 calories on holiday) for the sake of it in the morning just because the buffet pastries look too tempting, 

So your calories would be eaten from 2pm – whenever rather then starting the eating convyer belt at 8am.

Maintenance calories

The calories you have worked out for fat loss is your deficit calories, so you would have worked out your maintenance and taken a bit off so you eat less then you burn, 

But on holiday there is no reason you could take that back up to maintenance calories so you are ROUGHLY eating the same as you burn so you should stay the same weight, 

Remember calories are all a guestimation and NOTHING is 100% accurate but it gives you extra calories to play with. 

The only issue there is the movement part, 

So when you work our your calories you take into account your steps, exercise, daily activities, work etc so that will change quite dramatically on holiday so something that you need to be aware of when working that out. 

For example if you work on your feet 9-5 you are going to be getting a fair few steps in which do burn calories, 

But on holiday we spend most of our time horizontal so won’t be burning as much meaning your maintenance will change. 


Steps are SOOOOOOOOO underrated when it comes to weight loss, not just on holiday but in everyday life, it’s not all gym workouts and spin classes because truth is just upping your steps can make a fuck ton of difference to your progress, 

So when you are away just get yourself moving a bit more then you usually would, 

Walk to the bar rather then rely on the waitress, 

Take the stairs to your room rather then the lift, 

Walk into town rather then take a taxi, 

Plenty of things you can do, but steps don’t feel difficult hence why they are almost forgotten about when it comes to weight loss. 

It will make a massive difference.

Plan ahead of time

Eye rolls galore, ‘I spend my whole adult life thinking about shit why do I want to plan when i’m on holiday’

Ye I get it, 


(This will depend on how long you are going for by the way)

Save up your calories pre time away, 

So if you are going away on Thursday for a long weekend, eat 200 calories less Monday – Wednesday and basically save them up of the week, 

You can drink a lot of wine with an EXTRA 600 calories to play with.

Holidays are EPIC, 

You have spent months saving up and weeks counting down the days and the same amount of time dieting,

But if you are one of the clever people that have got on plan before hand and are worried about ruining it while you go away then follow those steps, 

It will help, 

It will keep you going,

You will still enjoy your holiday but it won’t be an absolute nightmare to try and ‘get back on it’ when you return…

Here’s to an alcohol fuelled holiday of steps and gym workouts, 

Look out for the stories on my IG…..

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